Wocket High Tech Wallet for Men

We already featured this high tech wallet on our list of the best tech gifts for men this year.

With the holiday season approaching, we thought it deserves its own review. Especially since Wocket Wallet is now selling for only $179 (a relative bargain for the technology that’s inside). This is one of the best wallets for men, especially somebody who appreciates cutting edge technology.

They’re calling it the smartest wallet you’ll ever own. Let’s look at why.

How does Wocket work?

The basic idea is that this one high tech electronic wallet can replace all of your credit and debit cards. It can securely store the info of 10,000 cards, allowing you to choose which one you want to use when you go to pay. You use a screen on the front of the wallet to choose a card. Then the wallet loads your card info onto a single card that’s carried inside the wallet, called WocketCard. You swipe the WocketCard and pay, as if it were your actual credit/debit card. No need to carry any of your actual bank cards around once you’ve loaded their info into the wallet.

Why is this better than carrying all of your cards around?

A few reasons. Primarily security and convenience.

Here’s what Wocket says on their website:


What makes Wocket smart?

Wocket protects all of your private information inside an electronic vault while reducing the number of cards in your wallet. Biometric and other patent pending technologies make Wocket the smartest wallet on the market.

So your card info is safe from RFID skimming, as well as theft or simply misplacing/losing your card. Nobody but you is getting into your wallet with the high-tech security measures. So Wocket Wallet provides peace of mind along with the convenience of not carrying all of your cards around.

You can click the button below to check out their website with more info about the product, the technology, and how you can purchase.


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