Wine Hive

Made in America from recycled aluminum, WineHive is a modular wine rack system. It can be built out infinitely in any direction due to the modular design… just keep adding pieces as needed.

This unique design allows you to customize WineHive’s shape depending on the space that you have available. For example, you could build a tall and narrow hive, or a very flat and wide hive, or a perfect square. You can view a lot of customer pictures/ideas on the seller’s website.

The unique idea was thought up and invented by an industrial designer from Philadelphia named John Paulick. His inspiration came from a natural honeycomb shape, and he went on to build and design the wine rack based on this honeycomb idea.

WineHive was launched as a Kickstarter campaign that quickly raised $65,000, more than 4 times the funding goal, in just 30 days of fundraising.

This round of crowd funding allowed WineHive to go into production. The team developed a patented interlocking system to bring the honeycomb shape to life and began selling their product.

The final design looks amazing and offers a wide range of customization options.

The unique 120-degree interlocking angles also provide better weight disbursement than the typical 90-degree manmade structures. This allows the final product to use less materials for the same strength and stability.

Here’s a YouTube video showing how the WineHive looks when assembled and displayed in a kitchen. It looks even better with a few wine bottles on the rack.

WineHive can enhance the look of a modern kitchen, dining room, cellar or pretty much any room that you’d like to display wine bottles in.

It’s also a great gift idea for friends or family that would appreciate innovative design and modern decor.


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