Window Cleaning Robot

WinBot is an invention that can clean any type of window with the touch of a button. It saves time and effort, and can allow you to clean windows that extend beyond your arm’s reach (it’s safe to use on windows above ground level).

The robot uses smart technology to navigate your window with the touch of a button. The actual cleaning is done by a squeegie and two cleaning pads.

Why is this useful/important? Window glass appears smooth to the naked eye, but if you were to view it under a microscope you’d find that it’s actually quite porous. Glass contains numerous peaks and valleys that capture and trap debris, salt, pollen, rust, and even calcium deposits over time. If left uncleaned, your glass windows can become permanently cloudy and eventually require a full replacement. That full replacement can be very expensive.

WinBot handles all of your routine glass cleaning for you. Just press the button and set it to work. No more dangerous ladders. No more moving furniture around. No more spraying, dripping or mess.

WinBot is a great time saving invention and it looks pretty fun to use as well.


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