Third Ear Mobile Phone Speaker

There are a lot of mobile phone speakers on the market, but none like this. The product is called Third Ear. It’s made of ceramic and uses physics to amplify sounds and music from your phone. There’s no additional technology needed, and it doesn’t require electricity.

Just set your phone in the holding slot and press play. The shape of the speaker will naturally amplify the sounds.

The simple design makes it great for carrying anywhere around the house. Bring it outdoors with you and play music without needing a power outlet.

Or use it indoors- set it up on any counter, table or shelf where you want to play music. If you leave the room, just carry it with you and set it down somewhere else. No need to worry about power cords, outlets, battery life, etc.

The Third Ear mobile phone speaker looks great too. The ceramic shell and bright artistic design will look good with a variety of different modern decor themes.


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