Star Wars BB-8 Droid, App-Enabled

This app-controlled droid is modeled after the Star Wars BB-8 Droid from the latest movie.

It doesn’t just roll around your apartment looking cute, there are some pretty high-tech features.

The BB-8 Droid has voice recognition, allowing it to respond to voice commands.

It also has the capability for holographic messaging! Crazy right? You can record and view virtual holographic videos with the BB-8. If that doesn’t impress your friends, there isn’t much in the tech world that will.

This Droid gets even more advanced though. It’s programmed with an adaptive personality. It learns from its interactions with you and its behaviors will evolve as you interact more and more.

This product is a very cool experiment in artificial intelligence while also being cute, fun, and a great tech gift idea.

The BB-8 can be guided with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and also acts based on autonomous or automatic behavior- it has a bit of a mind of its own when you’re not controlling it directly! this makes it more fun and exciting to play around with.

The droid is quite small, so it’ll fit well into any indoor room (you can check out the video above to see the exact size), and of course you can take it outside as well if you prefer.

The BB-8 Droid has a top speed of 4.5 mph (faster than most people walk normally) and a Bluetooth range of 100 feet.


Baby Mop Onesie

Don’t let your kid be a free-loader, teach them a strong work ethic from a young age! Your baby can have free roam of the house, cleaning up his or her own drool, plus whatever else is on the floor.

The baby mop onesie is ideal for cleaning hardwood, tile, brick and any other flat surface.

The onesie is hand-made in the US and makes a great gift for your own home, or for somebody else’s baby shower.

Here are some bonus cute baby pictures. We know that’s what you clicked for. Remember to click the picture at the very top, or the button at the bottom of this article to view the actual product on Amazon.

baby mop additional picture 2




3Doodler, 3-D Printing Pen

This is the second version of the world’s first 3D printing pen, 3Doodler. The most noteable improvement is the size- it’s much thinner, sleeker, and easier to grip than the previous version. Like the original, it’s a great product for artists, designers, architects, or anyone that enjoys technology and gadgets as a hobby.

This product was also featured on our list of the 5 best tech gifts of 2015. 

The 3Doodler works by extruding heated plastic filament that cools down almost instantly when it comes in contact with the air, quickly turning into a stable structure that holds its form. The pen allows you to draw in 3 dimensions, creating whatever designs or shapes you can imagine out of thin air.

This could be used to create artwork, homemade jewelry, architectural designs, product designs, prototypes, etc. It’s pretty versatile and could probably be applied to a number of professions and hobbies. The pen is capable of creating very detailed work once the user develops a certain level of skill and precision with it.

Considering how new 3D printing technology is, it’s impressive how small and compact this device can be, while keeping the costs relatively low as well so that the average consumer can try this out- the price is $99 at the time of this writeup… not bad!

If you’re curious what the first version of the 3Doodler looked like, you can check it out here.


Smartphone Paper Airplane

This is the world’s first remote controlled paper airplane conversion kit, called PowerUp 3.0. Bluetooth technology allows you to control the airplane right from your phone while viewing information like battery level and current distance/range.

The kit comes with special crash-resistant design, template paper for folding the airplane, a micro USB cable for charging, and a spare propeller and rudder to ensure you don’t have to stop after an unfortunate accident!

The airplane kit has a flying range of 180 feet or 55 meters and can fly for 10 minutes on a single charge, which should be enough to do some pretty creative flying in parking lots, fields, or off of a balcony.

This was originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a video of a test flight, which gives a good idea of the speed and range that the plane travels at. For a paper airplane, both are quite impressive.


The phone app (iOS and Android) is pretty sophisticated, including a feature that allows you to tilt the phone to control the airplane’s turning.

powerup 3 app features paper airplane

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Glass Pool Table

This pool table is a great centerpiece for any high end living room or game room. The glass surface is covered in a patented transparent playing surface to ensure quality gameplay and feel. You won’t be making a sacrifice in terms of gameplay even if you’re an avid pool player.

Here’s a YouTube video showing quite a few angles of the pool table so that you can get a good feel for what it really looks like in action:

The table is made by a company called Elite Innovations. They pride themselves on innovative interior design solutions for both private and commercial projects. They’re best known for their pool tables and pool accessories, but they also make some interesting glass poker tables.

This pool table, the G-1, is their flagship product and features some of their best technology and designs.

The surface of the table is crafted with their patented Vitrik material which is then laid on top of a toughened 15mm Monolithic Float glass layer.

This combination of materials is designed to exactly replicate the rolling resistance of a standard cloth pool table’s playing surface, and also provides a shock absorbing layer for the glass underneath. It’s essentially a smooth see-through material with a very fine mesh underneath. This patented design maintains a consistent roll characteristic over the entire lifetime of the product.

One interesting advantage to a glass table like this is that the material supporting the playing surface is naturally very rigid/flat and is not susceptible to any type of warping or sagging over time. It’s a great alternative to more common pool table materials such as slate.


Aside from the amazing all glass design, there are a number of other interesting features as well. One of the coolest features is a ball return system that funnels the pool balls into a holding rack after a made shot. No more digging into the pockets to retrieve a ball.


3-D Printing Pen

This product called 3Doodler was the world’s first 3D printing pen that could actually be purchased. It can create some impressive designs, and it’s ridiculously fun to draw with as well. This technology could appeal to a variety of people and there are likely countless professions that could utilize this invention in some way, but the most obvious seems to be artists and designers.

The price for 3Doodler is quite reasonable considering it’s a groundbreaking product and 3D printing technology as a whole hasn’t been around long either. It’s selling for less than $100 at the time of posting this.

Check out the YouTube video below for a demo of how the 3Doodler works.



Warning: apparently we’re not the only ones who liked this. It’s periodically on backorder at the seller that our link leads to, and Amazon was out of stock at the time this post was published. The product is very popular and will definitely be restocked, so it’s worth checking periodically if the 3Doodler is something you’d like to own.

Recent update: The team over at 3Doodler recently came up with a second version that’s much slimmer and easier to grip. You can view it in this article. 

The biggest complaint about the original 3Doodler was the thickness and size which made the pen hard to handle. This is understandable since it was the first of this technology (think of how big/heavy the first computers and TVs were). Still, it’s great that they were able to solve this issue and improve the technology while fitting it into a smaller pen for the 2.0 version.


Tetris Lamp

This Tetris-inspired light is completely customizable. You can arrange it into any shape you want and change it around as often as you like. It could look pretty neat in the right type of room/apartment, and it definitely wins some major bonus points for being unique.

Here’s a Youtube video showing the building process in action. You can see how each block lights up as soon as you stack it.