Third Ear Mobile Phone Speaker

There are a lot of mobile phone speakers on the market, but none like this. The product is called Third Ear. It’s made of ceramic and uses physics to amplify sounds and music from your phone. There’s no additional technology needed, and it doesn’t require electricity.

Just set your phone in the holding slot and press play. The shape of the speaker will naturally amplify the sounds.

The simple design makes it great for carrying anywhere around the house. Bring it outdoors with you and play music without needing a power outlet.

Or use it indoors- set it up on any counter, table or shelf where you want to play music. If you leave the room, just carry it with you and set it down somewhere else. No need to worry about power cords, outlets, battery life, etc.

The Third Ear mobile phone speaker looks great too. The ceramic shell and bright artistic design will look good with a variety of different modern decor themes.


Spartan Knife Block

Crafted 100% by hand in the USA and made out of Maple & Walnut, this knife block can hold up to 6 large knives.

If you’re going for a unique or eye-catching style in your kitchen, this is a pretty good start- you’ll definitely get some comments and questions about this knife block. It’s an instant conversation starter.

It could also make a great gift for the right person or occasion.

Unfortunately the knives aren’t included so you’ll have to do a bit more shopping to complete the look.


Magnetic Rotating Globe

This invention uses magnetism to rotate… no cords or batteries required! The detailed globe displays all land masses and bodies of water, as well as cloud cover.

This is similar to a previously posted product, Magnetic Rotating Jupiter Globe. Check out that link for a YouTube video of how the globe looks in action. Unfortunately a similar video for the earth globe isn’t available or else we’d show that too.



Desktop Jellyfish Tank

This live jellyfish tank is small enough to fit on your work desk. It looks great and is definitely unique!

The tank comes ready to go with an air pump, valves, and all the other technology needed to keep it up and running. The jellyfish itself arrives overnight once your tank is set up (for no extra charge of course). This ensures the jellyfish will stay alive and that your tank is ready for them once they ship.

The idea behind this jellyfish tank started as a Kickstarter campaign. If you click through to the link you can still view a video showing how the original idea and how this product got its beginnings.


Curved Fish Tank

One of the coolest looking fish tanks out there, the Bubble Tank is made from premium glass and is hand-blown by a master glassblower. What does this mean? Well, the quality is as high as it gets, and no two Bubble Tanks are exactly alike.

Because each one is individually crafted and there’s no production line or mass production process, your fish tank will have a unique form and characteristics, while being far higher quality than other tabletop fish tanks on the market.

The only downside to the Bubble Tank’s high quality manufacturing process is that they often run out of inventory, so the item isn’t always in stock. It’s definitely worth the wait though, given the unique look and high quality materials.


Hanging Air Plant

This unique-looking air plant comes with a complete setup as seen in the image, and can live on top of pebbles- no soil needed! The terrarium is designed to be hung from the rope. Get creative and hang it in an office or living room, or let it rest on a table on shelf.

Hanging plants are a great way to bring some green into a smaller home or apartment that otherwise wouldn’t have room for potted plants or outdoor plants.

Even in a larger home with other options, a few hanging air plants like this can add a really interesting look to an indoor garden area by complimenting the traditional plants that are already in place.


Gear Clock

This futuristic clock would look great in any modern setting. It’s also got a list price of under $100 which is a pleasant surprise for something this exotic looking.

The clock is 11 inches tall and weighs 2 pounds, so it could fit on a desk or table but is probably better for a shelf or cabinet.

Relaxation Fountain

Add a bit of relaxation to any room while enhancing the look. Multiple water streams from this relaxation fountain help create a calming sound and peaceful environment anywhere in your home.

This is a great way to escape stress and set up an area of your house that’s dedicated to relaxation.