Indoor Bike Shelf

These indoor shelves are made by a German company called MIKILI and are designed for the urban cyclist.

MIKILI’s bike shelves are great for any bike owner but the product is particularly useful for small apartment owners or city dwellers, where interior space is hard to come by. These shelves can save a ton of space while storing your bike in an attractive manner.

This isn’t just one product though, the seller’s website has a number of different styles. Some of the variations include a fold-out shelf, a shelf with drawers, etc. There are also dark and light color options to fit any interior.

Check out these photos for a few examples of the different variations:


mikili indoor bike storage shelf 3

This variation offers a pull-out drawer for a bit of storage (keys, wallet, books, etc.)


mikili indoor bike storage shelf 2

One of the most complex and interesting designs. This could be the right choice if you need more storage space for a helmet, a backpack or other gear.


Picking which style is best for you will depend on the size of your home/apartment, how much storage space you need, and how noticeable you want the shelf to be.

The shelf pictured at the top of this article is probably the least intrusive and least noticeable. When you’re not using it for bike storage, you can fold up against the wall.

Other options are bulkier and more eye-catching (this could be good or bad depending on how you’re trying to design your home). If you need more storage, one of the bigger options might be a better choice.

No matter which you choose, you’re getting a great hand-made product with a huge emphasis on quality. These bike shelves are carefully made in Berlin with a lot of thought/effort going into not only the creation but the design too.

We’ve talked a lot about putting this product into your home or apartment thus far, but it’d be great to have in the workplace too. Install one in your office and you no longer need to leave your bike outside or lean it against a wall during the day.

Finally, it makes a great gift idea as well. If you know somebody that recently got into cycling, or recently moved into a new home, they might appreciate something like this.

There are currently no retailers selling these shelves in the US, but orders can be made through MIKILI’s website. If you live throughout Europe, you might be able to visit a retailer before ordering the product. MIKILI’s website has a list of retailers. Click the ‘Get it now’ button below to check out their homepage.


Storm Electric Bike

Called ‘Storm’, this is the world’s most affordable electric bike. The idea began as an Indiegogo campaign and quickly exceeded the funding goals by an impressive amount ($1.7 million on a goal of $75k).

The battery technology is quite impressive on this product, allowing you to ride 30-50 miles on a single charge. The removable battery can then be recharged from empty to full in just 90 minutes.

The battery’s energy is used to power a direct drive motor that allows the bike to achieve speeds of up to 20 mph. The best part? It’s actually more efficient at high speeds! The battery/motor system is most comfortable and efficient when riding at 15-20 mph. This makes it ideal for a long road trip or commute in which you need to cover some serious distance in a single day.

Of course the Storm Bike is fine for slower or shorter distance ride as well. Battery efficiency won’t matter as much if you’re cruising casually around the neighborhood or immediate vicinity, so it’s a good thing that this e-bike gets the most out of its battery when cruising at higher speeds.

The Storm Electric Bike has wide tires and is equipped to handle pretty much any terrain, so you can also comfortable ride it on mountain trails, paths, sand, etc. Of course, if you’re just interested in using it for a morning commute, it’ll handle that as well.

If you feel like saving battery or getting some exercise, this e-bike also has a standard manual pedal just like any bicycle.

Here’s a video review explaining some of the details and showing the Storm Bike in action:



Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Golf is a finesse game. If you’re going to drink on the golf course, why not bring the same careful planning to that as well.

The golf club drink dispenser is made to look just like a regular golf club. But it can hold 54 ounces (1.6L ) of hot or cold liquid. We have no idea why you’d want to sneak hot beverages onto the golf course, but if hot chocolate or tea is what gets you excited, the golf club drink dispenser has you covered. For the rest of us, it’s perfect for sneaking beer, wine, liquor or anything else you can think of.

The golf club dispenses your drink with the touch of a button, thanks to a battery operated pump within the club head. The button is hidden from sight so that the club looks completely normal to onlookers. Rest assured it won’t draw any attention in your golf bag. You’ll be able to fool even the most careful golf course staff!


Carbon Fiber ‘Smart’ Bike

The idea behind this Smart Bike was developed by a company called Vanhawks, and gained momentum as a highly successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

With every piece of our lives becoming more and more connected, the team over at Vanhawks figured it was time for a high quality bicycle to incorporate a variety of modern technologies and sensors to improve upon the traditional riding experience as well as rider safety.

The result is a high end bicycle called Valour, equipped with some incredible sensor technology including a Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Speed Sensor, GPS Receiver, Anti-theft Tracking, and Blindspot Detection System.

Valour is the first connected bicycle made of lightweight carbon fiber. Many of the sensors mentioned above provide data that can be used to analyze and track your riding habits and performance with an impressive amount of depth.

The bike will track distance covered, calories burned, and other performance-related stats.

Other sensors are implemented to improve safety. If an object comes too close for comfort in your blindspot, the bike will detect it and alert you via a vibration in the handlebars.

Valour also utilizes GPS technology to guide you on your commute or planned route if needed. LED lights on each side of the handlebars will alert you to turns, letting you keep your phone in your pocket and ride more safely without worrying about missing your destination.

Another great feature worth mentioning is Valour’s anti-theft system, known as Mesh Network. This tracking system will recognize your bike’s unique electronic signature in the event that it’s stolen so that you can track it down.