Magnetic Lighting Charger- Apple and Android

Magnetic Lighting Charger is the world’s first Apple and Android magnetic connector that allows you to quickly and seamlessly charge both your devices with a magnetic coupling. Because Apple’s iPhone 7 has the Audio jack and the Power jack on the same connector, the team behind MagBolt made the world’s first magnetic connector to support these new features for iPhone 7. Magnetic connectors are vastly superior to mechanical connectors not only are they way more convenient to use. They are also far more resistant to dust, water and other contaminates. You can connect your phone’s cable magnetically with one hand. It entertains 2A current max throughput for the large and power-hungry devices. The Charger can also make life easier with your other micro USB devices and Apple products. The Magnetic Lightning charger is a simple idea, but we believe it can impact the world in a BIG way.