Flyshark Portable Keyboard

The Flyshark keyboard is an ultrathin folding keyboard that started out as a Kickstarter project. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS tablets and phones.

The wireless keyboard connects to any device via Bluetooth.

flyshark wireless folding portable keyboard

Flyshark’s aluminum alloy case makes it durable yet light. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket when folded in half.

The unique folding design is probably the best feature. Because of its design, Flyshark is one of the best portable solutions we’ve seen for people that need a full keyboard while on the road.


Amp Phone Speaker

Smartphones keep getting better each year. Improved screens. Better cameras. But one thing is still missing- better sound quality.

The product pictured above, called Amp, takes care of this problem with a high-tech solution that protects your phone while delivering outstanding sound.

Amp’s pair of high quality speakers can fill a room with rich and immersive sound, anywhere you go. It’s great for the outdoors, a house party, or even a conference call.

If you’re not the type to blast loud music from your phone, Amp improves the sound quality when listening via headphones too. This is all done with a built in computer chip that tailors the sound based on everything from your personal tastes to the environment around you.

One of the best features that Amp offers when used with headphones is noise cancellation. It’ll react based on noises in the environment around you and adjust to minimize that noise.

If you want to know how noise-canceling technology works, check out this article.

Basically, every sound has an opposite wave length. If your headphones can quickly produce a noise with that opposite soundwave, both noises will cancel out and go unheard.

Back on topic though.. to summarize:

Amp is the easiest and quickest way to get great sound quality out of your phone. No need for wires, speakers, or any extra gear. You’ll also never have to worry about battery life, because when you charge your phone, Amp’s Lithium Ion battery charges at the same time.

Amp is currently available for pre-order, and offers sizes for various models of iPhone 5 and 6. (Sorry Android fans!)

Hopefully they’ll release an Android version in the future too, at least for a few of the more popular phone models like Samsung Galaxy.

Even before the launch, this product has received a lot of great press, including from TechCrunch and Macworld.

After the launch, we suspect it’ll get even more attention.


Rigid iPhone Cable

Pretty self-explanatory. This cable is a small invention that lets you hold your phone in a specific position. It’s great for GPS while driving, or keeping your screen visible while charging so that you can see when the charge is complete.

The cable works with iPhone 5 and newer, and connects via any USB charging plug. It’s also compatible with iPad 3 or newer.

If you like the concept but want a longer cable that stays rigid while providing more reach, check out this post from last month.


Pocket Projector

This pocket-sized device can turn an iPhone, Android phone or iPad/tablet into a portable presentation platform. The projector can even hook up to desktop computers- it’s extremely versatile and packed with some pretty cool technologies overall.

All you need to do is connect your mobile device to the projector using the appropriate adapter and point the projector lens at a flat surface to mirror the screen of your device. It’s extremely simple to setup and the battery life of the projector lasts 90 minutes on a single charge. That’s long enough for most business presentations and even a good portion of full length movies. The images are 720p resolution.

Cellphone Printer

This tiny printer by Fujifilm allows you to instantly print photos via your smartphone. It’s small enough to be carried with you on day trips, vacations etc.

The idea to allow your phone to function as a Polaroid camera. Unfortunately the film cartridges are sold separately. We still thought it’s a pretty cool idea and a good tech gift idea.


Phone Wire Holder

If you’ve ever stuffed your cellphone headphones into your pocket, you’ve seen the type of mess that can come out an hour later when you’re ready to use them again. This little tool called Sinch can solve that annoyance once and for all.

Sinch is an invention that clamps together and holds your wires with small magnets. It’s designed simply and effectively, and is built to last. You can bend it and stretch it without worrying about it breaking, and it’ll keep your headphone wires organized at all times.


Lightup Charging Cable

This light-up charging cable, by a company called Dexim, shows the flow of electricity into your device and notifies you visually when the charge is complete.

The speed of the lights changes based on charge level so you can glance over and know the approximate battery level of your device at all times.

The Dexim cable can charge any standard Micro-USB smartphone. Here’s a video showing how it looks:



iPad Floor Stand

Float your iPad, tablet or e-reader in perfect position whether you’re lying down or sitting back in a chair. The product is designed to be compatible with pretty much all varieties of tablets and e-readers.

It can hold your device with or without a protective case. It also allows you to quickly pivot your device from landscape view to portrait view for convenience.


LED Pocket Projector

This small portable pocket projector uses LED lights to display pretty much anything from your electronic devices onto any flat surface or projection screen.

You can use it to show movies, business presentations, slideshows, web videos, or games on a crisp high quality image measuring 60 inches diagonally. Pretty impressive for a projector so small in size (approximately 4 x 4 inches, and weighing exactly 1/2 a pound).

The projector connects via HDMI cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, video recorders and more. It comes with a customizable focus control wheel to sharpen the image, and also includes a pair of built in speakers with volume control, which puts out much better sound quality than you’d see from a cellphone.

The LED lamp projects at 100 lumens and can run for 2 hours on a single charge. That’s long enough for most full length movies.

The rechargeable battery can also double as a backup battery for your smartphone, which is another great reason to carry this LED pocket projector around.


Car Power Converter

Convert your car’s power into a 120V AC charging station with this gadget called PowerCup. The innovative design makes it a perfect fit for any commuter, or for a long road trip.

The PowerCup conveniently fits into any cup holder in your car, so it won’t move around while driving, and it allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, all with your car’s power.

In addition to the two standard outlets, the PowerCup provides a USB power outlet to charge a variety of USB devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more.