Beam Projector

Fresh from Kickstarter, Beam is a cutting edge video projector that plugs into any light socket and then projects video onto any flat surface in your home (just aim the socket where you want it).

This is a pretty unique way to turn any wall in your house into a larger viewing screen for videos, games, movies, photos, or any app that you want. The device is being built for both iOS and Android.

If you don’t want to use a wall, you can also place it in a socket positioned above a table or countertop and project downward. This would be useful for displaying a recipe while cooking, playing a game with friends, etc. The original Kickstarter campaign has a great video illustrating how this would look.

The device is equipped with ‘Smart’ technology as well, allowing you to program it with rules dictating how it responds to certain situations, or connect it with other smart devices in your home and control the entire thing with the Beam smartphone app.

Glo Nightlight

The Glo Nightlight is a pretty unique invention that features removable spheres that can glow for up to 30 minutes after they’re disconnected from the base (the spheres charge while attached to the base unit). Remove each sphere and place it wherever a little bit of light is needed, and then they will naturally fade out after 30 minutes so that you can fall asleep.

Or just leave them on the base and Glo will function as a traditional nightlight, except much better looking! You don’t need to remove the orbs in order for them to light up.

The technology and features in this product are really impressive. The orbs can change color for example. You can manually select your favorite colors or let the Glo Nightlight change the color randomly.

The product is also extremely safe, even for young children (it’s approved for kids ages 2 and older). This is due to the fact that there are no electronic components in the balls. They give off absolutely no heat and cannot break because they use low-energy LED light bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs.

The materials are also BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free. So you’re avoiding chemicals and pollutants while also saving a lot of energy by utilizing LEDs.

We don’t just like this product because it’s safe and practical though. The unique design and really cool appearance is what caught our attention. The design makes it a great addition to any home, and a really fun product for young children.

With multiple orbs, kids can choose the darkest/scariest areas to place a sphere as they go to bed. They can also keep one nearby on a nightstand or somewhere else within arm’s reach in case they see some suspicious looking shadows.

Here’s a video showing the Glo Nightlight in action:



Pirouet Adjustable Lamp

The Pirouet Lamp has sections that adjust to let you control the amount of light. It’s one of the most innovative pendant lights on the market due to the adjustable beam and amazing design.

The light bulb inside is surrounded by a series of interlocking curved shutters. A lever on top of the lamp lets you adjust them.

If you want a soft ambient glow, you can extend the panels fully to cover the bulb. The direct light from the bulb will be covered but the panels will create a soft glowing ball.

For more direct light, you can start to retract the panels and the light beam will shine directly. . This is ideal for shining light downward on a surface (a work area, a dining room table, etc.)

The beauty of this design is how quickly and easily it is to adjust. You could go from a bright downward light on your workstation/desk to a soft relaxing light in a matter of seconds.

This versatility makes Pirouet ideal for a room that needs a couple of different lighting options. Example: a bedroom where you also have a work desk.

This video shows how the light adjusts:

The standard model is designed for European outlets but the company can also provide a US version.

The Pirouet light ranges in price from around $630 to just under $740 depending on whether you want the ability to dim the lightbulb, or even control it from a smartphone app.

The photo below shows how the interlocking panels fit together. The image on the left shows the panels slightly retracted for a more direct beam of light. On the right, you’d have a glowing orb without direct light shining downward.

Notice the lever on top that’s used to control all of this. You can see this lever/adjustable system working in the video above too.


pirouet adjustable light open and closed picture

Open and closed settings


The Pirouet light uses LED bulbs for energy efficiency. It’s made in Berlin, Germany. You can read about the design/creation process in this article.

Conclusion: There are plenty of great pendant lights on the market. We even wrote about a great one previously. The Pirouet lamp is one of the best we’ve seen though, in appearance and usefulness.

Having one lamp that can create so many different settings and moods is incredibly useful in pretty much any room of the house.


White Pendant Lamp

This pendant lamp is a steal at $24.99, although it requires some assembly like everything from Ikea.

This probably isn’t the best light to hang over a formal dining room table, but it would be perfect for a more casual setting such as a den, TV room, home office, kitchen table, porch, etc.

It’s made of multiple plastic panels that attach together and let the light through in interesting ways, creating a unique style that will contribute to the overall look of a modern room or home.


Phillips Smart Wake Up Light

This device by Phillips provides gradual light that allows you to wake up naturally. It’s clinically proven to make the process of waking up more pleasant, and provides a couple of choices of custom wake-up sounds. It also includes an FM radio setting if you prefer to wake up to music.

The Wake-Up light will improve your mood and increase your energy at the start of your day.


Magnetic Levitating Lamp

This isn’t an illusion. The LeviTECH anti-gravity lamp uses built in magnets to create an electromagnetic field that allows the lampshade to hover and rotate.

Here’s how the product works:

A magnetic disc lifts and supports the lampshade above the base using magnetic levitation. There is nothing but air in between the two sections of the lamp. Even passing your hand across this gap won’t disrupt the levitation.

The base houses a sophisticated computer-controlled relay system with 4 electromagnetic coils that are capable of making thousands of adjustments per second, allowing the lamp shade to hover and maintain stability even if it’s bumped.

For lighting, 9 LED lights are hidden within the base of the lamp. 6 of these lights point upwards into the shade and 3 aim down toward the aluminum stand.

Separate touch-sensitive buttons on the underside of the base control each set of LEDs.

The product is designed for standard US outlets but the manufacturer can provide international versions for special requests or specific orders.

We were impressed with the technology on this anti-gravity lamp and thought it could add a lot to a modern interior. It’s also a great conversation starter, and might even make an interesting house-warming gift.

As a side note, LeviTECH also offers the same lamp in plain colors so there are other options if you’re not a fan of the spiral look.


Faucet with LED Lighting

If you’re building a modern bathroom, this stainless steel and copper facuet is a great addition. It’s a high quality faucet with a single handle design, equipped with a built in LED lighting system that displays 3 colors- red, green, blue, and gives off a very relaxing vibe.

This LED faucet is relatively easy to mount onto your bathroom wall, and it connects to your plumbing with a durable ceramic valve to ensure that no leaks occur throughout the lifetime of the product.

Since the most important element of this faucet is the look and design, the entire fixture is chrome-finished for a stylish modern look.


Bluetooth Speaker Lightbulb

This 8-watt LED light bulb by a company called AWOX comes fitted with a Bluetooth speaker inside.

The creative space-saving combo allows you to play music through your tablet, smartphone or computer while the product also functions as a regular lightbulb. It’s simple to use and easy set up. Most importantly, the sound quality of the built in 10-watt Bluetooth speaker is very good.

A lightbulb and Bluetooth speaker combination might seem like an odd combo, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Every room in a home needs lighting. Depending on your home setup, you don’t have speakers in every room that you’d potentially want to play music in.

This product allows you to identify a room that you may want to play music in, and simply replace one of the existing lights with this LED setup, rather than buying an entire speaker system that costs money, takes up space, and has no other use or function when you don’t want to listen to music.


Tetris Lamp

This Tetris-inspired light is completely customizable. You can arrange it into any shape you want and change it around as often as you like. It could look pretty neat in the right type of room/apartment, and it definitely wins some major bonus points for being unique.

Here’s a Youtube video showing the building process in action. You can see how each block lights up as soon as you stack it.