Sentient Live Edge Table

Live edge is a term that refers to furniture made using the entire tree, including the “live” part of the wood- the outer rings.

When a piece of live edge furniture is created, a log is cut into slabs and the entire slab is used, leaving the natural edge.

Live edge furniture design can be found in large pieces like beds and tables, but also smaller ones such as lamps.

Some of the highest quality live edge tables available on the market are crafted by a Brooklyn, NY company called Sentient.

They create a variety of pieces but might be best known for their live edge dining room tables. The picture below shows a live edge table created from two pieces of maple bridged by glass.

Sentient colorado live edge glass dining room table

Live edge furniture is typically created by expert woodworkers that know how to bring out the unique features of each slab, because no two starting pieces are alike (and no two finished pieces will look the same).

Sentient have become experts of this craft and their work goes beyond building for the home- they design and build live edge tables for the restaurant/hospitality industry as well. Over time they’ve built a very solid reputation for the quality of work they deliver.

Here’s another example of a live edge table, one of Sentient’s larger pieces:

Live edge dining room table sentient furniture brooklyn ny

Aside from tables, you can find a variety of other live edge furniture on their website including couches, chairs, beds and nightstands.

If you’re looking to invest in a truly unique piece of home furniture for yourself or a family member/friend, we recommend checking out the site. If nothing else, you’ll see some amazing photos.


Indoor Bike Shelf

These indoor shelves are made by a German company called MIKILI and are designed for the urban cyclist.

MIKILI’s bike shelves are great for any bike owner but the product is particularly useful for small apartment owners or city dwellers, where interior space is hard to come by. These shelves can save a ton of space while storing your bike in an attractive manner.

This isn’t just one product though, the seller’s website has a number of different styles. Some of the variations include a fold-out shelf, a shelf with drawers, etc. There are also dark and light color options to fit any interior.

Check out these photos for a few examples of the different variations:


mikili indoor bike storage shelf 3

This variation offers a pull-out drawer for a bit of storage (keys, wallet, books, etc.)


mikili indoor bike storage shelf 2

One of the most complex and interesting designs. This could be the right choice if you need more storage space for a helmet, a backpack or other gear.


Picking which style is best for you will depend on the size of your home/apartment, how much storage space you need, and how noticeable you want the shelf to be.

The shelf pictured at the top of this article is probably the least intrusive and least noticeable. When you’re not using it for bike storage, you can fold up against the wall.

Other options are bulkier and more eye-catching (this could be good or bad depending on how you’re trying to design your home). If you need more storage, one of the bigger options might be a better choice.

No matter which you choose, you’re getting a great hand-made product with a huge emphasis on quality. These bike shelves are carefully made in Berlin with a lot of thought/effort going into not only the creation but the design too.

We’ve talked a lot about putting this product into your home or apartment thus far, but it’d be great to have in the workplace too. Install one in your office and you no longer need to leave your bike outside or lean it against a wall during the day.

Finally, it makes a great gift idea as well. If you know somebody that recently got into cycling, or recently moved into a new home, they might appreciate something like this.

There are currently no retailers selling these shelves in the US, but orders can be made through MIKILI’s website. If you live throughout Europe, you might be able to visit a retailer before ordering the product. MIKILI’s website has a list of retailers. Click the ‘Get it now’ button below to check out their homepage.


Beer Cap Maps

This do-it-yourself wall art product is a really cool interior design idea for the beer drinker or map enthusiast. Beer Cap Maps are cut from 5mm thick plywood with a unique grain pattern that ensures each map will be one of a kind. The wood is also treated and sealed to prevent any wear or damage over time from the air, liquids, etc.

The wooden map arrives fully assembled, but with empty holes that are designed to be filled in with any type of bottle cap you choose. You can get creative with colors and patterns, or just slowly fill the map with your favorite brands or beer.

Another option is to leave half of the holes empty which results in an interesting look as well, especially if you’re hanging your map from a wall with a pattern (brick, stone, etc). The image above is a good example of this.

A variety of maps are available for purchase including all 50 US States (Ohio is shown in the image) as well as countries like the US, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

Beer Cap Maps also come with two tiny holes drilled into the top section for easy hanging from any vertical surface and are designed to fit virtually any type of bottle cap.

The product is made and designed completely in the US- Wisconsin to be specific.

We love that this product is made entirely in the US, and that each map is one of a kind because of the unique cut of wood that each piece is cut from. A product centered around displaying beer caps isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, or every type of home, but this could be a very cool way to add an interesting piece of wall art to a rustic setting, bachelor pad, den, game room, etc.

As a final note, each map is approximately the same size rather than being scaled to the actual size of the state/country, so it’s not possible to order multiple US states and fit them together.


7 Piece Metal Wall Art

This stunning metal wall art is actually made up of 7 separate pieces that hang side by side. It’s hand-sanded and made in USA, and comes ready to hang in your home.

It’s anything but small though, so make sure you have a nice large space planned for it… The dimensions are 66 inches wide, 24 inches tall, 2 inches deep. So it’d be best suited for a bedroom or living room with ample wall space.

The paint is extremely durable and is actually approved for hanging outdoors as well as indoors. You could get creative and display something like this outdoors if you have the space and the right type of home for it.

You could try hanging this in a hallway as well but you might miss out on some of the interesting views from further distances as the light reflects off of the surface. This wall art was specifically designed to create an interesting holographic effect depending on the lighting, and a hallway might limit this effect.

Each piece is hand made and then signed and dated by the artist (Ash Carl).

Overall, the customer reviews to date are outstanding and this looks like a very high quality piece that could fit well with a lot of modern interiors.


5 Piece Metal Wall Art

This aggressively styled modern piece consists of 5 separate panels that are sculpted in the USA, painted, and then signed by the artist himself. All of the sculpting is done by hand and the primary is a very high quality rust proof aluminum chosen for its durability.

This is a very high quality piece both in terms of physical materials and creation process. There’s no need for any framing either- each order arrives ready to hang including all necessary hardware and materials, right out of the box.

When the 5 separate aluminum pieces are combined, you’re left with a stunning image that’s over 5 feet wide and 2 feet tall (163cm x 61cm is the exact measurement). The example in the image above is hung with a 1 inch space between each panel. You can adjust this gap to be smaller or larger depending on your personal taste as you’re hanging the artwork.


7 Piece Abstract Wall Art

This metal sculpture was created by Jon Allen, a US-based artist. Each one is hand made and signed by the artist. If you buy one, it’ll arrive with a signed letter of authenticity as well.

The dimensions are 68″ x 24″, so it’s relatively big. Because of the size it would fit best in a bedroom, living room or large hallway. There could be other options in a larger house of course.

This artwork is made up of 7 separate panels, and the image above has 1 inch spaces between each panel. You could make this gap smaller or larger if you prefer.

The entire setup comes with pre-installed brackets to make the wall art very easy to hang.


Smuggler’s Belt

Hand crafted leather belt with a hidden compartment for bills or other small items. Great for traveling or keeping objects hidden.

This is hand cut and hand sewn in Colorado, USA. It’s made from genuine leather and an iron buckle. Each belt is signed and numbered by the makers.

Multiple colors are available on their website including natural (shown in the picture), reddish brown, light brown, and black.