Map of the World Wallet

This inexpensive and stylish wallet by the British travel company Stanfords is the perfect gift for an avid traveler.

Use it as a casual wallet on the weekends, or when traveling around the globe.

It’s made from a single piece of high quality material without any stitching or glue, which is great for durability. It won’t rip, tear or break down along the seams over time.

The wallet is very thin and light but still feels durable in your hand. The material actually feels a lot like smooth paper, while somehow being very strong. We didn’t get the impression that this wallet’s materials would rip or tear whatsoever.

stanfords travel wallet map of the world

The wallet has two full sized partitions for banknotes and papers, and two front pockets for all of your cards.

The map design that’s used for this wallet is a vintage map based on the world in 1920. So the world won’t look exactly as it does today, which makes this a pretty interesting collector’s piece, or a gift that’d be appreciated by somebody interested in geography, history and travel.


Magnetic Rotating Globe

This invention uses magnetism to rotate… no cords or batteries required! The detailed globe displays all land masses and bodies of water, as well as cloud cover.

This is similar to a previously posted product, Magnetic Rotating Jupiter Globe. Check out that link for a YouTube video of how the globe looks in action. Unfortunately a similar video for the earth globe isn’t available or else we’d show that too.



Bucket List Map

This scratch-off world map called Bucket List Map allows you to track everywhere you’ve traveled to. Or use it to plan future trips that you’d love to go on.

The Bucket List Map isn’t just a tool for keeping track of destinations, it makes a great wall decoration too. The map is detailed but also stylish and colorful.

The Bucket List Map is printed on high quality paper with a luxe matte finish, ensuring that it looks great in any type of lighting. It measures 38 inches x 22 inches.

bucketlist scratch edition map south america

The company that came up with this idea is fittingly called ‘Awesome Maps’. Their website features some other interesting world maps too, from a map printed on canvas to a map that you can write on. Click the ‘Get It Now’ button below or the image at the top of this article to visit their website and see the full list of maps.


Globe Wine Cabinet

An old world map of the earth on the outside, a beautiful wine rack for glasses, bottles and accessories hidden inside.

The makers of this product offer a few variations. This one is relatively tall at 35″.

If you prefer a shorter version, check out this tabletop version which is much better for a desk or elevated surface. Whereas the version shown in the image above is designed to be on the floor.

This type of wine cabinet would look great in a cellar, an office or den, a library, a game room, a living room, or anywhere else that you’d entertain guests and serve drinks. It’s definitely a unique piece and a good conversation starter.


Cork Globe

This tabletop globe is perfect for tracking your travels or planning a future trip.

The cork design and included pushpins let you map out your latest journey, showcase the places you’ve been, or even attach pictures, tickets, and mementos to special spots on the map that you’ve visited.

The globe measures 10 inches in diameter, and 11.75 inches in height due to the base.

This would look great in a workspace, a reading area, a bedroom or a living room. It’d also make a really unique gift for any friends or loved ones that you’re planning a trip with.

The globe comes with 6 red push pins to get started.


Airport Map Art

This is a really cool gift idea for the avid traveler or aviation enthusiast- Wall art inspired by airport maps, made by a company called 08 Left.

They’ve taken a pretty basic concept and turned it into something truly eye-catching and unique through the use of contrasting colors and interesting fonts. The end result looks a bit like a blueprint but much more bold and dramatic.

There are a huge number of designs to choose from, all based on the exact layouts of real US airports, international airports, and military airports.

The cutting edge designs and appearance make this a great gift or purchase for anyone that appreciates modern artwork or modern interior decor. If you’re a traveler, even better!


Magnetic Jupiter Globe

This eye-catching table piece is definitely a unique way to decorate your home or office.

What is it? A small (4.5 inch diameter) self-spinning orb modeled after the planet Jupiter. It moves without being touched whatsoever and is quite mesmerizing to watch. It uses low-light solar cells to power the rotation.

It comes with a great looking 3-pronged acrylic display stand, and the whole setup weighs just 2 pounds. It’d be small enough to place on any desk or shelf in an office or home. We also thought it’d be pretty cool to display in a classroom, library, or other educational area.

Check out this Youtube video to see exactly how it works. Pretty cool: