Spartan Knife Block

Crafted 100% by hand in the USA and made out of Maple & Walnut, this knife block can hold up to 6 large knives.

If you’re going for a unique or eye-catching style in your kitchen, this is a pretty good start- you’ll definitely get some comments and questions about this knife block. It’s an instant conversation starter.

It could also make a great gift for the right person or occasion.

Unfortunately the knives aren’t included so you’ll have to do a bit more shopping to complete the look.


Del Ben Primitive Knife

The Del Ben Primitive Knife was recently featured as a gift idea in Wired Magazine for its interesting design and style and this one of a kind Italian knife caught our attention for many of the same reasons that they identified.

If you’re not familiar with the company, Del Ben is an award-winning maker of kitchen knives. All of their knives are designed and hand-made in Maniago, Italy. Their products have been featured in a number of trade shows worldwide.

This particular knife has no traditional handle. Instead, the stainless steel blade is modeled after Stone Age tools, with a design that allows you to grip the back of the knife itself. The feeling of gripping the ergonomic handle of the Del Ben Knife while chopping or slicing is definitely unique and satisfying.

It also comes with a stainless steel stand to hold your knife in place when it’s not in use. Given how unique this knife looks, it might be worth displaying on a counter or shelf when it’s not in use and the included stand is perfect for this.

The knife features an 8.75 inch blade and is intended to be a general purpose kitchen knife. You can cut anything from meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruit and more, and the knife is washable by hand after you’re done. You can also sharpen it with a standard knife sharpener to maintain it.

Here’s a video of the knife being used to cut a few types of fish and vegetables:

The list price is $249. If you’re wondering why the Del Ben Kinfe is relatively expensive, you’re paying partially for the innovative design and style, but it’s also worth noting that the knife is crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel in Italy. You’re getting very high quality materials and careful craftsmanship for this price.

You get what you pay for with knives, and this is definitely a carefully made tool with a lot of history and thought behind the design. This would make a great gift for a chef or cooking enthusiast.


Chopstick Fork Combo

Chopsticks on easy mode, and a fork on the other end if you still can’t master it.

This gadget is called The Chork. It’s a 3-way utensil that combines:

  • A Standard Fork- Just grab the 2 sticks at the opposite end and it’ll function just like a regular fork.
  • Cheaters/Trainers – Perfect for somebody that’s beginning to use chopsticks but isn’t experienced or comfortable yet. Using the sticks while they’re adjoined together makes it a lot easier to learn and get the basic chopstick motions down. This feature makes the Chork is a pretty good gift idea for somebody that doesn’t know how to use standard chopsticks.
  • Chopsticks- Simply pinch the fork end and they’ll split apart and function as regular chopsticks. Practice on training mode and then test yourself with the two sticks separated, or use this if you’re already an expert.

Each order is a pack containing 6 Chorks.


Knife Holder

This chrome knife holder is an eye-catching way to store and display kitchen knives (although a bit violent looking..)

If you’re trying to set your kitchen apart, this is a great way to do it. It’ll definitely be a conversation starter when guests are over.

It’s also a pretty cool gift idea.


Bamboo Cutting Board

100% Organically grown bamboo cutting boards, from a company called The Bamboo Guys. They specialize in building high quality durable cutting boards that can take a beating and still last for years.

Their website has a wide variety of sizes and variations on the basic cutting board.

One of their best sellers is a 4 piece cutting board set that’s perfect for serving food from (cheeses, cured meats, etc.)

Coolest Cooler

Wildly popular on Kickstarter, the Coolest Cooler is packed with pretty much every feature you could think of. Here’s the list:

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Charger
  • Bottle Opener
  • Utensil Storage
  • Cutting Board
  • Specialized Tires
  • LED Light
  • Powered Blender

The idea might seem a bit over-the-top or gimmicky, but the end result of what the designers made is actually pretty useful. They really thought of everything. The thick tires are perfect for rolling through the sand without getting stuck. The built-in bottle opener means there’s 1 less thing you need to carry along. And the LED light lets you keep the fun going even after the sun sets.


Herb Scissors

You’re not seeing double- you can make multiple cuts with one action using these scissors. The idea seems pretty useful to have around, especially considering the cheap price ($10.90 on Amazon at the time of posting this).

There are 5 blades to be exact, and each one measures 3 inches in length. The scissors themselves are 7.5 inches long and are constructed from high quality stainless steel. They’re dishwasher safe so cleanup is simple as well.

Sure, we’ve all survived without this invention until now, but it’s a cool gift idea for anyone that enjoys cooking, and it’s a useful time-saving gadget to have around the house.

Along with herbs, you could use these scissors for finely shredding cheeses and other foods.

Rub Away Bar: Removes Odors

It really works- This rubbing bar created by Amco removes any smell from your hands without the use of soap. It’s perfect to use in the kitchen after handling fish, garlic, onions or other foods that have a strong odor.

All you need is some tap water and this bar. Rub it between your hands under a bit of water, dry your hands, and they’ll be odor-free.

Unlike a bar of soap, this stainless steel bar essentially lasts forever.

It’s also a great stocking stuffer or gift for any chef or cooking enthusiast.