Rabbit Quiet Air Cleaner

The Rabbit Air Cleaner is a top of the line, super quiet air purifier with custom filters for your specific needs. Combine different air filters (odors, dust, etc.) to optimize it for your home’s needs. The filters are all removable and washable.

The best part- it doesn’t look like an air purifier unless you’re very close to it.

This is because you can buy a variety of artistic covers so that Rabbit Air looks like a piece of wall art at first glance. Instead of taking away from a room’s decor, you’re adding to it. See the picture above for one example. There are other designs too.

This air filter comes with 1 more cool feature as well, a built in mood light.

The Rabbit Air Cleaner can rest on the floor or hang on any wall like a painting. It’s versatile enough to be a good fit in any house or apartment.


OralB Smart Toothbrush with Bluetooth

Analytics for your toothbrush? Yep! This interactive toothbrush by Oral-B is the first of its kind.

It connects to the web and uses Bluetooth to sync up with your smartphone to let you know how long you’re brushing for each day (it sets a target of 2 minutes each brushing) and whether you’re missing any spots. The technology goes far beyond that though. For example it has a sensor that tells you if you’re brushing too hard, which could damage your gums and eventually lead to a receding gum line.

The accompanying smartphone app collects and visualizes a variety of data for you, and you can share this info with your dentist as well.

Overall it’s a great innovation that’ll allow a person to check up on their existing toothcare habits or begin to build stronger habits moving forward.

This toothbrush is a great purchase for children as well. It can turn brushing into a fun game (hitting goals, achieving better results, etc.) and the habits could last a lifetime.