Sentient Live Edge Table

Live edge is a term that refers to furniture made using the entire tree, including the “live” part of the wood- the outer rings.

When a piece of live edge furniture is created, a log is cut into slabs and the entire slab is used, leaving the natural edge.

Live edge furniture design can be found in large pieces like beds and tables, but also smaller ones such as lamps.

Some of the highest quality live edge tables available on the market are crafted by a Brooklyn, NY company called Sentient.

They create a variety of pieces but might be best known for their live edge dining room tables. The picture below shows a live edge table created from two pieces of maple bridged by glass.

Sentient colorado live edge glass dining room table

Live edge furniture is typically created by expert woodworkers that know how to bring out the unique features of each slab, because no two starting pieces are alike (and no two finished pieces will look the same).

Sentient have become experts of this craft and their work goes beyond building for the home- they design and build live edge tables for the restaurant/hospitality industry as well. Over time they’ve built a very solid reputation for the quality of work they deliver.

Here’s another example of a live edge table, one of Sentient’s larger pieces:

Live edge dining room table sentient furniture brooklyn ny

Aside from tables, you can find a variety of other live edge furniture on their website including couches, chairs, beds and nightstands.

If you’re looking to invest in a truly unique piece of home furniture for yourself or a family member/friend, we recommend checking out the site. If nothing else, you’ll see some amazing photos.


3Doodler, 3-D Printing Pen

This is the second version of the world’s first 3D printing pen, 3Doodler. The most noteable improvement is the size- it’s much thinner, sleeker, and easier to grip than the previous version. Like the original, it’s a great product for artists, designers, architects, or anyone that enjoys technology and gadgets as a hobby.

This product was also featured on our list of the 5 best tech gifts of 2015. 

The 3Doodler works by extruding heated plastic filament that cools down almost instantly when it comes in contact with the air, quickly turning into a stable structure that holds its form. The pen allows you to draw in 3 dimensions, creating whatever designs or shapes you can imagine out of thin air.

This could be used to create artwork, homemade jewelry, architectural designs, product designs, prototypes, etc. It’s pretty versatile and could probably be applied to a number of professions and hobbies. The pen is capable of creating very detailed work once the user develops a certain level of skill and precision with it.

Considering how new 3D printing technology is, it’s impressive how small and compact this device can be, while keeping the costs relatively low as well so that the average consumer can try this out- the price is $99 at the time of this writeup… not bad!

If you’re curious what the first version of the 3Doodler looked like, you can check it out here.


7 Piece Metal Wall Art

This stunning metal wall art is actually made up of 7 separate pieces that hang side by side. It’s hand-sanded and made in USA, and comes ready to hang in your home.

It’s anything but small though, so make sure you have a nice large space planned for it… The dimensions are 66 inches wide, 24 inches tall, 2 inches deep. So it’d be best suited for a bedroom or living room with ample wall space.

The paint is extremely durable and is actually approved for hanging outdoors as well as indoors. You could get creative and display something like this outdoors if you have the space and the right type of home for it.

You could try hanging this in a hallway as well but you might miss out on some of the interesting views from further distances as the light reflects off of the surface. This wall art was specifically designed to create an interesting holographic effect depending on the lighting, and a hallway might limit this effect.

Each piece is hand made and then signed and dated by the artist (Ash Carl).

Overall, the customer reviews to date are outstanding and this looks like a very high quality piece that could fit well with a lot of modern interiors.


Abstract Wall Art

The quality matches the great look- this piece of artwork is 100% hand painted oil on canvas. Only museum-quality paint is used, ensuring no fading will take place throughout the lifetime of the product. The paint is also environmentally friendly.

It’s made up of 4 separate pieces that are designed to be hung together for a very modern and interesting look compared to the more standard or classical types of single piece wall art (rectangle, square, etc). It comes ready to hang and requires no framing whatsoever. A+ for convenience.

The list price at Amazon is already pretty reasonable ($79.90), and it’s currently listed at a 66% discount at the time of posting this.


5 Piece Metal Wall Art

This aggressively styled modern piece consists of 5 separate panels that are sculpted in the USA, painted, and then signed by the artist himself. All of the sculpting is done by hand and the primary is a very high quality rust proof aluminum chosen for its durability.

This is a very high quality piece both in terms of physical materials and creation process. There’s no need for any framing either- each order arrives ready to hang including all necessary hardware and materials, right out of the box.

When the 5 separate aluminum pieces are combined, you’re left with a stunning image that’s over 5 feet wide and 2 feet tall (163cm x 61cm is the exact measurement). The example in the image above is hung with a 1 inch space between each panel. You can adjust this gap to be smaller or larger depending on your personal taste as you’re hanging the artwork.


Rabbit Quiet Air Cleaner

The Rabbit Air Cleaner is a top of the line, super quiet air purifier with custom filters for your specific needs. Combine different air filters (odors, dust, etc.) to optimize it for your home’s needs. The filters are all removable and washable.

The best part- it doesn’t look like an air purifier unless you’re very close to it.

This is because you can buy a variety of artistic covers so that Rabbit Air looks like a piece of wall art at first glance. Instead of taking away from a room’s decor, you’re adding to it. See the picture above for one example. There are other designs too.

This air filter comes with 1 more cool feature as well, a built in mood light.

The Rabbit Air Cleaner can rest on the floor or hang on any wall like a painting. It’s versatile enough to be a good fit in any house or apartment.


4 Piece Canvas Art

This hand painted modern wall art brings a very bold look to whichever room you hang it in.

The overall width is 72 inches, so it’s pretty large. Keep this in mind when ordering or figuring out what room this could be put in.


7 Piece Abstract Wall Art

This metal sculpture was created by Jon Allen, a US-based artist. Each one is hand made and signed by the artist. If you buy one, it’ll arrive with a signed letter of authenticity as well.

The dimensions are 68″ x 24″, so it’s relatively big. Because of the size it would fit best in a bedroom, living room or large hallway. There could be other options in a larger house of course.

This artwork is made up of 7 separate panels, and the image above has 1 inch spaces between each panel. You could make this gap smaller or larger if you prefer.

The entire setup comes with pre-installed brackets to make the wall art very easy to hang.


White Faux Taxidermy

No animals harmed! White Faux Taxidermy is a company that creates stylish and eye-catching wall art without harming any animals.

For the deer in the picture above, the antlers ship detached and must be glued. After that it’s ready to hang.

Each animal design is made out of a lightweight sculpted polyresin material. The deer weighs only 6 pounds because of the choice of materials.

If you’re not a deer person, rest assured there are plenty of other animals available on the seller’s website.