Windproof Umbrella

We’ve all held a regular umbrella in a wind storm and had it collapse on itself multiple times. Not a fun experience.

The Senz Stormproof Umbrella solves this issue. It’s probably the most high tech umbrella ever created. It has an aerodynamic wind resistant design that allows it to survive storms and high wind speeds without inverting or collapsing.

The design is built to withstand wind speeds of 50 MPH or 80 KMH. The Senz Stormproof Umbrella is extremely light as well, weighing in at just 400g, or less than 9/10 of a pound.

Each umbrella comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Here’s a YouTube video showing some of the amazing testing that this technology went through. You can see the umbrella shake but not collapse when exposed to high winds.


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