Storm Electric Bike

Called ‘Storm’, this is the world’s most affordable electric bike. The idea began as an Indiegogo campaign and quickly exceeded the funding goals by an impressive amount ($1.7 million on a goal of $75k).

The battery technology is quite impressive on this product, allowing you to ride 30-50 miles on a single charge. The removable battery can then be recharged from empty to full in just 90 minutes.

The battery’s energy is used to power a direct drive motor that allows the bike to achieve speeds of up to 20 mph. The best part? It’s actually more efficient at high speeds! The battery/motor system is most comfortable and efficient when riding at 15-20 mph. This makes it ideal for a long road trip or commute in which you need to cover some serious distance in a single day.

Of course the Storm Bike is fine for slower or shorter distance ride as well. Battery efficiency won’t matter as much if you’re cruising casually around the neighborhood or immediate vicinity, so it’s a good thing that this e-bike gets the most out of its battery when cruising at higher speeds.

The Storm Electric Bike has wide tires and is equipped to handle pretty much any terrain, so you can also comfortable ride it on mountain trails, paths, sand, etc. Of course, if you’re just interested in using it for a morning commute, it’ll handle that as well.

If you feel like saving battery or getting some exercise, this e-bike also has a standard manual pedal just like any bicycle.

Here’s a video review explaining some of the details and showing the Storm Bike in action:



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