Sony 4K Wall Projector

This is the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. Sounds luxurious right? This is a great entertainment option for those with enough money, but be warned- it costs $50,000.

The projector creates a 147 inch image with 4 times the clarity of full HD. That’s incredible picture quality over such a huge image space.

It has a unique modular design with the central piece being the actual projector, and then outer pieces functioning as speakers as well as storage. If you have enough money, it’s hard to argue against this projector’s usefulness in its ability to eliminate the need for an entertainment console, separate speaker system, or even cabinets for DVD and video game storage. It’s all built into this sleek design which results in a lot of extra available space in your room and a clutter-free, elegant look.

So while you’re certainly paying for the technology and picture quality in the hefty price tag, it seems as though you’re also paying a premium for the modern design and functionality, and what it can do for the overall layout of your room when compared with a traditional projector or flatscreen TV. This video explains the concept in further detail:


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