Self Stirring Mug

With the self stirring mug your coffee or tea will stir itself with the press of a button. You’ll save time and you’ll never find those little pieces of sugar on the bottom again. Plus you’ll never have to use a spoon or wooden stir to mix your warm beverages.

Just pop a pair of AAA batteries inside the base, fill your mug with your favorite hot drink, add your creamer or sweatener, and press the button on the handle. The mug will do the rest for you- tiny blades on the bottom will stir your drink into a perfect frothy blend.

The self stirring mug also includes a drink-through lid for taking your tea or coffee on the go. A perfectly stirred drink is useless if half of it ends up on the seat of your car, right?

To clean the mug after use, just pour a bit of water and soap and press the button to stir the cleaning mix. The mug holds 14 ounces of liquid in total.


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