‘Smart’ Doorbell with Video

The Ring Doorbell sends video directly to your smartphone when somebody’s on your property or at your door. With their phone app, you can see and speak with anyone that comes up to your front door, whether or not you’re home (or whether or not you feel like getting up and answering). It comes equipped with a wide angled HD video camera, smart motion detection, and cloud recording for storing the data.

This product doesn’t just provide convenience, the Ring Doorbell also can help tremendously with security. It has built in motion sensor technology (this is where the wide angled camera becomes relevant) that can detect activity on your property and provide an alert to your mobile phone even before somebody approaches your door. The Ring Doorbell features a lifetime purchase protection plan and easy setup and installation. This is a great way to get some home security and keep yourself informed about what’s going on when you’re away, even if you don’t have a full alarm system for your house.

Check out this Youtube video for an introduction to the Ring Doorbell’s features and a demo of how it works. There’s some great info toward the middle of the video about security as well. Did you know that most home burglaries begin with ringing the doorbell to check if anyone is home? Now you can answer no matter where you are (giving the appearance of being home), and send unwanted visitors away.


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