Pirouet Adjustable Lamp

The Pirouet Lamp has sections that adjust to let you control the amount of light. It’s one of the most innovative pendant lights on the market due to the adjustable beam and amazing design.

The light bulb inside is surrounded by a series of interlocking curved shutters. A lever on top of the lamp lets you adjust them.

If you want a soft ambient glow, you can extend the panels fully to cover the bulb. The direct light from the bulb will be covered but the panels will create a soft glowing ball.

For more direct light, you can start to retract the panels and the light beam will shine directly. . This is ideal for shining light downward on a surface (a work area, a dining room table, etc.)

The beauty of this design is how quickly and easily it is to adjust. You could go from a bright downward light on your workstation/desk to a soft relaxing light in a matter of seconds.

This versatility makes Pirouet ideal for a room that needs a couple of different lighting options. Example: a bedroom where you also have a work desk.

This video shows how the light adjusts:

The standard model is designed for European outlets but the company can also provide a US version.

The Pirouet light ranges in price from around $630 to just under $740 depending on whether you want the ability to dim the lightbulb, or even control it from a smartphone app.

The photo below shows how the interlocking panels fit together. The image on the left shows the panels slightly retracted for a more direct beam of light. On the right, you’d have a glowing orb without direct light shining downward.

Notice the lever on top that’s used to control all of this. You can see this lever/adjustable system working in the video above too.


pirouet adjustable light open and closed picture

Open and closed settings


The Pirouet light uses LED bulbs for energy efficiency. It’s made in Berlin, Germany. You can read about the design/creation process in this article.

Conclusion: There are plenty of great pendant lights on the market. We even wrote about a great one previously. The Pirouet lamp is one of the best we’ve seen though, in appearance and usefulness.

Having one lamp that can create so many different settings and moods is incredibly useful in pretty much any room of the house.


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