Outdoor Solar Table

Sun Table is a waterproof outdoor table equipped with solar panels. It looks fantastic and also helps you save energy and power your electronic devices while outdoors.

The table’s surface collects energy through a 64 watt multicrystalline solar panel that’s capable of charging even if partially covered. This solar panel charges the table’s built-in battery which can store enough energy to power your laptop for 4 hours.

Sun Table is made of stainless steel hardware that’s specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The finished product weighs 45 pounds and measures 54 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 18 inches tall.

Because of the waterproof design, it’s extremely easy to clean as well. Just hose it down to clean it off.

There’s one more extremely cool feature worth noting. The table’s surface can be propped up at an angle to collect more sunlight when not being used. Two small arms can elevate the table’s surface and aim it directly at the sun. This picture shows how this works:


solar sun table

Aim the solar panels at the sun to collect more energy when not in use



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