Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow lets you turn the entire world into your personal nap-ground. Relax anywhere, anytime, in a portable calm zone.

Here’s a YouTube video from the maker of this product explaining the idea:

The Ostrich Pillow is made out of flexible fabric and filled with micro balls for added comfort. These soft materials and padding provide a soothing environment to relax in no matter where you happen to be.

It’s designed to contain your head and hands in separate compartments, temporarily relieving both your mind and body of stress and distraction whenever you need a short timeout. You can use this product to take a quick relaxation break while taking public transportation, working in the office, or even while in your own home.

To use the pillow, slip it over your head and align your mouth with the large front opening for easy breathing. The top two openings are there to enable you to rest your hands and arms. This position is extremely comfortable while napping or resting your head on a table or desk. The Ostrich Pillow turns these typically uncomfortable surfaces into an inviting nap area. Try it out!

Ostrich Pillow is hand-crafted in Spain and each order comes with a storage bag for when you’re not using it.


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