Nimbus Smart Dashboard

This was invented by an entrepreneur in Sacramento, CA. It’s called Nimbus and functions as a clock as well as a customization dashboard that displays whatever data is important to you across its 4 dials. Each dial can be set to show whatever information you choose. Here are some of the options:

  • Email
  • Traffic/commute times
  • Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram activity/updates
  • Weather
  • Calendar appointments
  • FitBit data
  • Clock w/ alarm functionality

Essentially this can replace your current alarm clock and still provide 3 more dials for you to display additional info. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to see all of the information that’s important to you in a single place. No more need to pull out the phone immediately, or check emails on your computer just to see if you received anything overnight, or check the weather to know what to wear. Program this with the exact info you want, and it’ll all be there each morning.

It also looks very modern and stylish, much better than the typical alarm clock. Here’s a video explaining further:


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