Mirror with Built-In Music System

This invention is called Open Mirror. It’s a wall-mounted mirror with built in speakers plus a docking station for your smartphone or tablet. It connects to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth and plays music from your device through the mirror’s own speakers. When it’s not in use, the mirror slides over the docking station to cover everything and hide it from view.

You can also stream music from your laptop or your favorite internet radio station. Open Mirror is extremely versatile and is designed to work with iPhone, iPad, and most other USB compatible smartphones/tablets (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc.)

It gets better though… Open Mirror provides a completely new way of controlling and listening to your music. It has an advanced gestural interface with high tech sensors that detect hand movements and allow you to control your music without ever touching your phone or tablet.

The mirror itself is an oval shape and is constructed out of stainless steel and wood, giving it a very modern look. Because of the speaker system, Open Mirror does require electricity. Here are the product’s listed power requirements: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz.

Overall this invention is a really unique way to bring music playing capabilities to a bathroom or anywhere else you’d install a mirror. The best part is that when it’s not in use, you’re able to cover the electronic components and the speaker system doesn’t take up any additional space.


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