Minimalist Interior Design 101


Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away

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If you read up on modern interior design ideas you’ll probably see some mention of minimalism- The idea that less is more.

Minimalist interior design tends to get a bad reputation though. We see pictures of huge rooms in expensive houses with one uncomfortable-looking couch and a boring white rug that nobody’s ever walked across.

It doesn’t look like a real home. It definitely doesn’t look like a good place to have guests or family over. It looks like nobody even lives there (which is pretty accurate- most of those houses are rented for a day and setup for staged photoshoots)

Using a minimalist design approach doesn’t have to end like this.

Minimalist home design has nothing to do with how big your house is, how fancy your furniture is, how much empty space you can create. It’s about using what you have in a way that makes sense and makes your life easier.


Modern minimalist apartment design

Minimalist design in a smaller apartment can look great. Size doesn’t matter.


Modern interior design and minimalism can improve your life if done right. It can make it MORE enjoyable to spend time in your home. It can make your home more convenient, more comfortable, more fun/exciting.

There are some great benefits if you do this the right way…


Step 1: Goals

This is a great place to start. Think about what each room will be used for. Are you entertaining guests? Are you trying to create a quiet workspace at home? Having a goal in mind for different areas is essential for minimalist interior design to work.

You can choose multiple goals too. You could create a room that’s perfect for watching movies, listening to music and enjoying drinks.


Step 2: Removing Clutter

Once you know what your goals are, start thinking about which of the objects in each room are actually helping accomplish this goal. You’ll probably be surprised by how few you find.

Modern/minimalist interior design is focused on getting the most function and use out of your possessions. And making the most of your space.

Too much clutter in a room makes it hard to enjoy. Hard to entertain guests. Hard to find what you’re looking for when you need it. And hard to keep things clean. So start by removing the excess.


modern minimalist home design clutter free

You can design a clutter-free room that still has personality and warmth


Step 3: Style

There are a lot of houses out there that are stylish but not functional. They’re not enjoyable to live in. This is the downside of some modern interior design techniques.

That’s why we recommend deciding how you’ll use your space (step #1) before thinking about how you want it to look.

Looks can be important though. A nicely designed interior is more enjoyable to spend time in. So before you start picking furniture or moving things around, think about a couple of colors, styles, and materials that you like:

  • Do you want mostly black and white? Or something more colorful?
  • Do you want materials like wood and leather? Or softer materials like carpet and fur?

You can also think about picking out some artwork once you know what colors you’ll be using.

Of course, all of these minimalist interior design ideas are possible using what you already own and nothing new. If you have everything you need after eliminating some of the extras in step #2, you’re ready to move on…


modern minimalist interior design

This room looks great because the designer thought about colors before starting


Step 4: Decorating/Designing

Once you’ve thought about your space and what you want to accomplish, it’s time to start moving things around!

Choose objects and furniture that will allow you to get more use out of each room. Start with furniture and larger things.

After furniture, you can choose smaller objects like artwork and tabletop accessories that make the room more enjoyable (or better looking).

You might also find a few products that can knock out a couple of your goals at once. Here are 4 pretty cool examples:

Mirror + Music Center


Bluetooth Speaker/LED Light combo

Retractable ceiling bed

If you can accomplish something with one object, why use two? That’s the idea behind minimalist interior design. Nobody’s suggesting you should eliminate good things or make your home harder to use. The idea is just to spend a bit more time thinking about why you own the things you do, and whether you’re gaining anything from it.


Step 5: Spacing

Remember to think about spacing and positioning as you set up your home. Leave space so that you can comfortably use each room. Put related objects near each other, but not to the point of feeling cluttered.

And most important- don’t keep adding objects until the room is full. Stop when you’ve added enough to accomplish your goals from step #1.

This is an important part of minimalist interior design- the concept of ‘Enough’. Never add just for the sake of adding.



Modern minimalist interior design isn’t about making sacrifices or having empty rooms in your home. It’s about getting the most out of what you own. And getting the most out of your available space.

Most people think about objects only, and space is just an afterthought. Minimalist interior design considers both, because we use both and see both.

Stop when you’ve added ‘Enough’, rather than the maximum possible.

The result of this will be an interior that looks better, stays cleaner, and makes life easier rather than harder.

Got a question or comment? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Has this changed your opinion of minimalist design? Is this something you’d be comfortable trying based on the advice here?


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