5 Piece Metal Wall Art

This aggressively styled modern piece consists of 5 separate panels that are sculpted in the USA, painted, and then signed by the artist himself. All of the sculpting is done by hand and the primary is a very high quality rust proof aluminum chosen for its durability.

This is a very high quality piece both in terms of physical materials and creation process. There’s no need for any framing either- each order arrives ready to hang including all necessary hardware and materials, right out of the box.

When the 5 separate aluminum pieces are combined, you’re left with a stunning image that’s over 5 feet wide and 2 feet tall (163cm x 61cm is the exact measurement). The example in the image above is hung with a 1 inch space between each panel. You can adjust this gap to be smaller or larger depending on your personal taste as you’re hanging the artwork.


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