Map of the World Wallet

This inexpensive and stylish wallet by the British travel company Stanfords is the perfect gift for an avid traveler.

Use it as a casual wallet on the weekends, or when traveling around the globe.

It’s made from a single piece of high quality material without any stitching or glue, which is great for durability. It won’t rip, tear or break down along the seams over time.

The wallet is very thin and light but still feels durable in your hand. The material actually feels a lot like smooth paper, while somehow being very strong. We didn’t get the impression that this wallet’s materials would rip or tear whatsoever.

stanfords travel wallet map of the world

The wallet has two full sized partitions for banknotes and papers, and two front pockets for all of your cards.

The map design that’s used for this wallet is a vintage map based on the world in 1920. So the world won’t look exactly as it does today, which makes this a pretty interesting collector’s piece, or a gift that’d be appreciated by somebody interested in geography, history and travel.


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