Magnetic Levitating Lamp

This isn’t an illusion. The LeviTECH anti-gravity lamp uses built in magnets to create an electromagnetic field that allows the lampshade to hover and rotate.

Here’s how the product works:

A magnetic disc lifts and supports the lampshade above the base using magnetic levitation. There is nothing but air in between the two sections of the lamp. Even passing your hand across this gap won’t disrupt the levitation.

The base houses a sophisticated computer-controlled relay system with 4 electromagnetic coils that are capable of making thousands of adjustments per second, allowing the lamp shade to hover and maintain stability even if it’s bumped.

For lighting, 9 LED lights are hidden within the base of the lamp. 6 of these lights point upwards into the shade and 3 aim down toward the aluminum stand.

Separate touch-sensitive buttons on the underside of the base control each set of LEDs.

The product is designed for standard US outlets but the manufacturer can provide international versions for special requests or specific orders.

We were impressed with the technology on this anti-gravity lamp and thought it could add a lot to a modern interior. It’s also a great conversation starter, and might even make an interesting house-warming gift.

As a side note, LeviTECH also offers the same lamp in plain colors so there are other options if you’re not a fan of the spiral look.


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