KeySmart Minimalist Key Ring

The idea behind KeySmart key ring began back in 2013. The goal was simple- take the standard key chain concept and make it smaller and better organized.

Standard key rings are bulky, loud, and outdated. So there was definitely room for improvement.

KeySmart’s final design was a big success, making your keys more comfortable to carry and easier to access.

KeySmart’s patented key ring design has received some great recognition including being named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 10 Most Innovative Products.

Keep reading for our detailed review. If you want to see how the idea got its beginnings first, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign where it all began. The fundraising effort drummed up an impressive $329K. So clearly it’s something that people needed/wanted.

No surprise at all that the product has been this popular since launch based on the success on Kickstarter.

KeySmart Key Ring Review:

Let’s start with what we liked.

The minimalist design of KeySmart is great. It definitely feels different in your pocket than the usual jumbled mass of keys that most of us carry. When you pull it out to grab the key you want, it’s much easier to find it as well.

One problem though- KeySmart doesn’t fit most modern car keys. So you’ll have to carry your car key separately which isn’t very convenient. Or if you’re able to get by with only an electronic car key, you can attach that to the back end of KeySmart (you can see an example of this in the image above).

On the plus side, the price is pretty reasonable. KeySmart sells for less than $20 on Amazon so almost anyone can afford it, or afford to replace it if it wears down and breaks.

That brings us to the other big negative about KeySmart- durability. KeySmart has over 500 reviews on Amazon so you’re going to get a bit of every opinion, but quite a few reviews mention the screws breaking or loosening.

If you handle KeySmart carefully it should work and last for many years. And to be clear, most of the reviews were very positive (3.9/5 star average review). But this is something to be aware of. This isn’t the toughest or most durable gadget out there.

keysmart key chain

Overall, we love the idea and love how it looks. The design is great, the execution and craftsmanship is just okay.

If you like the prospect of having your keys more organized, it’s hard not to recommend KeySmart given the low price point of $20.

However if you’re not particularly concerned about this, or if you like having your car keys in the same place as all of your other keys, this product isn’t something you need.


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