iPhone Cable

A picture is worth 1000 words. Check out the photo above to see what this cable can do.

The product is a sturdy but flexible iPhone lightning charging cable that allows you to keep your phone exactly in the position you want, hands-free. It looks amazing as well.


  • MFI certified iPhone lightning charge cable
  • Charge your phone by connecting to USB or a wall charger
  • High quality metal cable is virtually indestructable

Possible Uses:

  • Hold your phone’s GPS screen at eye level while driving
  • Keep your phone at eye level while using Facetime
  • Hold your phone steady for photography
  • Get creative, impress your friends, etc.

This is perfect for holding your phone upright while driving and using GPS, so that your hands aren’t occupied.

You could also use this cable to prop up your phone while watching a movie at home.

As a final idea, it’s a great way to make sure your phone screen is always viewable while charging so that you can keep track of messages or updates as they come in.

There are many more ideas and ways to use this, but the ideas above should get you started. This product also makes a pretty fun gift for any iPhone users.


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