Floating Bookshelf

This concealed book shelf design gives the illusion that your books are floating in mid-air. It’s the perfect minimalist home accessory. The shelf mounts to any wall and becomes invisible behind a stack of books.

It’s made of high quality powder-coated steel and comes with all of the hardware needed to mount it on your wall.

Here’s how it works:

The bookshelf is essentially a sturdy L-shaped piece of metal that creates a horizontal ledge once attached to the wall. Once it’s setup, you place one book so that the ledge is sandwiched between the book’s cover and pages. Secure the cover in place using the integrated clips beneath the ledge, and then stack other books on top until the bookshelf is hidden and concealed from view, giving the illusion of a floating stack of books.

You can stack up to 15 pounds of small to medium sized books, or approximately 8 inches in total height.

The innovative design that made this product possible is patented by Miron Lior, the winner of many design awards including the Umbra Pratt Design Competition.

A portion of the money collected through sales of this product is donated to the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design. Pretty cool idea!


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