How Smart Furniture Will Change Your Life

Ever ran out of battery in your phone on the train? Then go to plug in your portable charger to realize that you forgot to charge that too? “It’s the end of the world!!”,  right?

With the recent advancements of modern technology infused with common-place furniture, never again should you feel as if you should conserve your phone battery just in case you need to take an emergency selfie on your way home late at night (or something).

First World Problems

That painful moment when you realize that your phone is about to die while you’re in somebody else’s house or when you’re in a meeting…

Or when you’ve just poured a coffee, open the fridge door and realize that you forgot to buy milk…

How Smart Furniture Will Change Your Life


It’s these lovingly named “First World Problems” that plague our modern day existence. Mild inconveniences, the mosquito bites of the first world, but troublesome nonetheless.

Smart furniture aims to tackle all this and more, making your life as easy as possible without you even paying any notice. All of these modern-day problems we face on a daily basis, removed from our life and from our attention.

We won’t have to think about charging our smart devices (like our phones, tablets, laptops), and eventually… well, we just wouldn’t think about it at all anymore. It would just happen. How? Smart furniture.

So what is Smart Furniture?

Smart furniture is the highly anticipated marriage of technology and furniture. Like smart phones and smart TVs, your furniture too will soon become “smart”. Another thing in this “Internet of Things” you’ve been hearing so much about lately.

Imagine… you don’t have to think about charging your phone anymore because every table, every surface, wirelessly powers and charges your phone.

You’ll no longer have to remember to buy the milk, cheese or even microwave meals anymore. Instead, you could store a digital shopping list of essentials inside your fridge.

The embedded technology will detect when you’re out (or nearly out) of something and automatically place an order for more online to be delivered to your door.

Wireless charging furniture already exists. And, of course, Ikea seems to be on the front line of the battle to bring smart furniture to the average consumer with wireless charging desk lamps from only $50, in addition to a number of other furniture products.

Jeanette Skjelmose, manager of the lighting and wireless charging section at Ikea (yes… that’s a thing) has stated that Ikea aims to make life at home simpler because “we know that people hate cable mess”.

smart home furniture and technology- no wires


Smart furniture is designed for convenience, serving multiple purposes beyond aesthetics and comfort.

Wifi hotspots, wireless charging pads, touch screen control panels, online shopping, machine learning… these are just a few of the functions that we can already integrate into our existing furniture and home gadgets.

Soon, we’ll be able to check our emails from the closest surface within our reach, without the need of grabbing our phone from our pocket or, like some, having it constantly attached to the palm of your hand.  Heck, we could even browse Youtube while in our multi-surface touchscreen shower! How cool would that be!

Which everyday products would you want to see “smart” versions of? Leave a comment and let us know your ideas, and how you’d use them.


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