Hidden Door Kit

This secret door hinge kit allows you to create a completely concealed doorway in your own home or apartment. The hinges hold up to 250 pounds, which leaves you with a lot of options for what type of shelves to choose and what items to put on the shelves that hide your secret passage.

The hinge system has a patented design that allows it to fit any doorway between 24″ and 36″, while also offering the choice of inswing or outswing door configuration.

Each order comes with some basic design plans as well, which is one of the most valuable pieces of this product based on multiple customer reviews and feedback.

The product is made of high quality aluminum in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. Each order comes with one complete (top and bottom) hinge set to hang your hidden doorway.

The Amazon reviews that began pouring in when this kit was released were almost entirely positive. It seems like a well-balanced and well-designed system that’s easy to install and delivers a good result for a price that’s lower than some of the alternatives on the market. Thanks to the patented design, it’ll probably remain one of the best options out there for the near future.

How can you use something like this? Well the possibilities are pretty wide open- pick any doorway you want. Here are some general ideas though:

If you have a small room under a staircase, that’s a great place to install a fake bookshelf to conceal the doorway.

You can also do the same to conceal the entrance to an office or den. Nothing helps maintain privacy like a giant wall of books between you and guests!

Got a wine cellar? This is perfect for hiding that as well.


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