Dyson Bladeless Fan Heating + Cooling

This innovative bladeless fan by Dyson provides whole-room heating or cooling in one modern looking device. It’s efficient, extremely useful, and the look can’t be beaten.

The fan creates a long range, powerful airflow that can reach the opposite side of a room while providing wide projection to allow the fanned air to quickly mix with surrounding air in the room, leaving you with one equal temperature throughout the space.

When you need heating, the fan heater will easily outperform a traditional space heater.

If your room is already hot and you’re looking to cool it off, this bladeless fan can do that as well with the flip of a switch. While in cooling mode, this product sucks in 7 gallons of air per second to quickly cool off an area.

The entire bladeless system is engineered to be 75% quieter than similar products on the market, so you’ll achieve great results while barely hearing it working. It’s also extremely energy efficient and safe due to the lack of blades and moving components.


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