Gravity Defying Chair

The Gravity Balans Chair is hand crafted by a company called Varier in Norway and specifically designed for optimal relaxation. It can gently rock back and forth, or lean back into a fully horizontal position that’s designed to keep your feet elevated above your heart, which is ideal for napping or resting during the day.

It’s not just a lounge chair though, it’s designed with the modern workplace in mind. It’s extremely comfortable and balanced while sitting upright, so it’s the perfect seat for your desk or computer whether you work at home or in an office.

Here’s a video showing the Gravity Balans chair in action:

The back rest and adjustable neck rest are designed to cradle the body in a feeling of weightlessness. After even 5-10 minutes, you’ll open your eyes with a more relaxed and calm feeling.

Embrace your small periods of rest throughout the day by laying back and taking your mind off of things. Taking breaks throughout the workday is actually proven to increase productivity, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor while treating yourself to a rest.

The Gravity Balans chair isn’t just limited to two settings (upright and horizontal), it’s adjustable to accommodate all types of seating positions, whether leaning slightly forward or leaning back and enjoying a book.

In any position, it offers full body support to achieve the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

It’s made of high quality materials and comes with significant warranties/guarantees to back up the craftsmanship. Wooden parts are covered for 7 years under warranty; the mechanisms and joints are covered for a full 5 years. Even the foam and upholstery has a 3 year guarantee protecting you from any damage or wear.

The Gravity Balans Chair is made with the environment in mind too- the Oak, Walnut, and Beech woods that go into making this chair are harvested only from highly sustainable forests in the US and Europe.


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