GoSun Solar Stove

This unique solar stove cooks entirely with sunlight. It’s called GoSun Stove and it’s a portable and fast way to cook a variety of foods with 100% renewable solar energy. Amazingly, it doesn’t even need direct sunlight to work. The stove is fully functional even when the sun is behind clouds. Almost no weather is off limits due to the effectiveness of the design.

Here’s how it works:

The GoSun Stove takes sunlight and turns it into solar heat. The stove is set up to effectively capture sunlight from a broad range of angles which is why it can work even in cloudy conditions. This also allows GoSun to continue working throughout the day as the sun changes angle, with very few adjustments needed.

The sunlight is captured and redirected by GoSun’s metal reflectors and aimed at an evacuated glass tube in the center, which acts as a near perfect insulator to retain the heat. This heavily insulated tube is what generates heat to cook your food and allows the stove to be effective in even the most challenging conditions.

The GoSun Stove offers a wide range of cooking settings including steam, bake, fry, roast and boil. It’s capable of reaching temperatures above 550°F and can completely cook your meal within 20 minutes, so you’re not sacrificing speed versus a traditional stove-top. There’s really no limit to what you could cook with this stove, from meat and vegetables to sandwiches and baked goods.

And surprisingly, you’re not sacrificing quality or control over the cooking process either. The designers of the GoSun Stove put a lot of effort into making sure that it’d meet the needs of experienced cooks. This is one of the best solar stoves on the market due to its ability to offer a high quality cooking experience in addition to being innovative and energy-friendly.

As a side note, this product was also featured on our list of the 5 best kitchen gadgets due to the high quality results that it delivers.

Whether you’re a serious chef or simply interested in saving energy or trying an alternative cooking method, this is one of the best options out there.

gosun solar stove outdoor portable carrying

The stove is portable which makes it ideal for cooking on the beach or other outdoor settings. If you’re staying home for the day, GoSun is an exciting way to prepare food with family or friends in your own back yard too.

Check out GoSun’s Instagram page for some photos of how the stove is used, and what types of food you can cook in it. There are some pretty interesting ideas including cinnamon buns and pizzas.


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