Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Golf is a finesse game. If you’re going to drink on the golf course, why not bring the same careful planning to that as well.

The golf club drink dispenser is made to look just like a regular golf club. But it can hold 54 ounces (1.6L ) of hot or cold liquid. We have no idea why you’d want to sneak hot beverages onto the golf course, but if hot chocolate or tea is what gets you excited, the golf club drink dispenser has you covered. For the rest of us, it’s perfect for sneaking beer, wine, liquor or anything else you can think of.

The golf club dispenses your drink with the touch of a button, thanks to a battery operated pump within the club head. The button is hidden from sight so that the club looks completely normal to onlookers. Rest assured it won’t draw any attention in your golf bag. You’ll be able to fool even the most careful golf course staff!


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