Glass Pool Table

This pool table is a great centerpiece for any high end living room or game room. The glass surface is covered in a patented transparent playing surface to ensure quality gameplay and feel. You won’t be making a sacrifice in terms of gameplay even if you’re an avid pool player.

Here’s a YouTube video showing quite a few angles of the pool table so that you can get a good feel for what it really looks like in action:

The table is made by a company called Elite Innovations. They pride themselves on innovative interior design solutions for both private and commercial projects. They’re best known for their pool tables and pool accessories, but they also make some interesting glass poker tables.

This pool table, the G-1, is their flagship product and features some of their best technology and designs.

The surface of the table is crafted with their patented Vitrik material which is then laid on top of a toughened 15mm Monolithic Float glass layer.

This combination of materials is designed to exactly replicate the rolling resistance of a standard cloth pool table’s playing surface, and also provides a shock absorbing layer for the glass underneath. It’s essentially a smooth see-through material with a very fine mesh underneath. This patented design maintains a consistent roll characteristic over the entire lifetime of the product.

One interesting advantage to a glass table like this is that the material supporting the playing surface is naturally very rigid/flat and is not susceptible to any type of warping or sagging over time. It’s a great alternative to more common pool table materials such as slate.


Aside from the amazing all glass design, there are a number of other interesting features as well. One of the coolest features is a ball return system that funnels the pool balls into a holding rack after a made shot. No more digging into the pockets to retrieve a ball.


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