Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is designed to put your arm in a comfortable and natural position. Since many people spend their entire workday at a computer, this can be a big improvement.

A standard computer mouse puts your forearm in a twisted position with the two bones crossing each other. The patented vertical design of this mouse puts your forearm in a neutral position.

Here’s a diagram by Evoluent, showing the difference in arm position:

evoluent vertical mouse arm diagram






Now that we’ve explained why the product exists, let’s talk features and tech:

  • The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is a USB-wired mouse
  • Built-in adjustable optical sensor lets you control pointer movement speed.
  • Downloadable driver lets you customize all 6 mouse buttons.

Any chance this is a gimmick?

We don’t think so. The design is patented, and many users including physical therapists and medical doctors have said that the Evoluent Vertical Mouse provides superior comfort compared to a regular mouse.

If you’re not sure about this product, we suggest finding a store that lets you try it before buying. Or order from a website that has a good return policy in case you don’t like the product.

This is a relatively new concept and most people don’t know this option exists yet. We expect it’ll rise in popularity once more people find out.

Computer keyboards and mice have been trending in the direction of better ergonomics and more comfort for many years. This is a big step in the right direction.


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