This desk is a pretty cool invention by a company called Arco. It’s built and designed in the Netherlands. The basic idea is a wall-mounted desk that can flip and transform into a rectangular shelf. The Deskbox is great for conserving space or adding a minimalist look to any room.

When extended, it forms a great little workspace with enough room for a laptop and other devices.  Unlike a normal desk, you won’t have any legs taking up floor space which is great for storage or maintaining a clutter-free work environment.

If you flip the desk and transform it into a shelf you’ll be able to store items while conserving even more space. The picture below shows the two setups that you can switch between.


Deskbox, before and after transformation

Deskbox, before and after transformation


The desk is one of a kind in terms of design and function, and features high quality materials including a solid oak top. This comes with a substantial price tag though, the list is $1,835.00.


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