Chopstick Fork Combo

Chopsticks on easy mode, and a fork on the other end if you still can’t master it.

This gadget is called The Chork. It’s a 3-way utensil that combines:

  • A Standard Fork- Just grab the 2 sticks at the opposite end and it’ll function just like a regular fork.
  • Cheaters/Trainers – Perfect for somebody that’s beginning to use chopsticks but isn’t experienced or comfortable yet. Using the sticks while they’re adjoined together makes it a lot easier to learn and get the basic chopstick motions down. This feature makes the Chork is a pretty good gift idea for somebody that doesn’t know how to use standard chopsticks.
  • Chopsticks- Simply pinch the fork end and they’ll split apart and function as regular chopsticks. Practice on training mode and then test yourself with the two sticks separated, or use this if you’re already an expert.

Each order is a pack containing 6 Chorks.


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