The Daddle

So, the Daddle concept is a bit odd but relatively easy to understand. What’s harder to explain is that it’s actually out of stock right now on Amazon!! We trust it’ll be back relatively soon, since we’re posting this three days after Christmas. Just trust that it’ll be available soon and place your pre-orders now. The Daddle is the best (and probably the only) way to become a human-equine hybrid and allow your kid to ride you around the house until your knees are scraped and your back aches with pain.

Sounds delightful right?

The Daddle can be bought on Amazon and the reviews are worth checking too! Here’s an excerpt:

At first I thought this product was wonderful, but oh how things change. Don’t be deceived by the joyful picture, this is a hazardous product that should not be sold without severe warning. After a long day of being ridden by my children, I was grazing on some nearby greens when my daughter dropped a dish on the ground. It broke and the noise of it spooked me, causing me to rear back and kick my son in the head. Now he talks with a speech impediment and has a wonky eye.


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