Bucket List Map

This scratch-off world map called Bucket List Map allows you to track everywhere you’ve traveled to. Or use it to plan future trips that you’d love to go on.

The Bucket List Map isn’t just a tool for keeping track of destinations, it makes a great wall decoration too. The map is detailed but also stylish and colorful.

The Bucket List Map is printed on high quality paper with a luxe matte finish, ensuring that it looks great in any type of lighting. It measures 38 inches x 22 inches.

bucketlist scratch edition map south america

The company that came up with this idea is fittingly called ‘Awesome Maps’. Their website features some other interesting world maps too, from a map printed on canvas to a map that you can write on. Click the ‘Get It Now’ button below or the image at the top of this article to visit their website and see the full list of maps.


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