Essential Travel Items

These are the most unique travel items that we’ve found across the web. Some of these travel items are designed to provide comfort, convenience and relaxation. Others are aimed at improving security and safety, or simply saving space and staying organized while away from home. We try to include a bit of everything in our collection of the most essential travel items as long as it’s unique, useful, and made of high quality materials.

Top Gifts & Gadgets 2017

Here are the Top Gifts & Gadgets 2017. Everything you need to know for you or your loved ones.  We will update This page all the way up to Christmas.

  1. Halo One Bluetooth Speaker– $150

The Halo One Wireless Speaker is inspired from the nature of simplicity and unity, Halo One is an original, modern, and breathtaking new designed Bluetooth/NFC speaker from Gingko. The aesthetically and fashionably shaped sound box reveals sexy curves and wood texture and delivers smooth sense of touch and phenomenal audio quality


halooneweb2. Stainless Steel Lowball – Vacuum Insulated Cup With Lid 12 oz– $15

These stainless steel Lowball tumblers are made with superior quality and individually hand inspected before delivery to you. Magnum Steel tumblers are designed to last a lifetime.

Stainless Steel Lowball is great for both hot and cold drinks for your drinking pleasure.

3. Apple Air Pods – Wireless headphones– $159

After a simple one-tap setup, AirPods are automatically on and always connected.1 Using them is just as easy. They can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. And the AirPods experience is just as amazing whether you’re listening to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.



4. Apple Watch Series 2.– $369

Built-in GPS. Water resistance to 50 meters.1 A new lightning-fast dual-core processor. And a display that’s two times brighter than before. Full of features that help you stay active, motivated, and connected, Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you move.



5. Dad hats– $21

A dad hat is a baseball cap that’s canvas or cotton and has a slightly curved brim (not too curved, though) and is probably a little oversized on the wearer. Unless, of course, you’re actually a dad—then it probably fits you perfectly.



Half way through the Top Gifts & Gadgets 2016

6. Go Pro Hero 5– $399


The GoPro Hero 5 is the latest addition to the gopro lineup and probably makes the biggest jump out of any so far. It is waterproof out of the box without any case. It has a touch screen on the rear and is also voice activated.

7. Tile Slim– $30

Tile Slim is the newest Bluetooth Tracker from Tile. And it will hopefully save you money by not letting you loose so much money.

8. DJI MAVIC – $999

Image result for dji mavic

THE DJI MAVIC PRO is small and Portable yet still has all the great features we have come to expect from DJI.

After the initial burst of Drones Onto the Scene 5 years ago. The whole industry has been moving towards smaller, easier, and better quality.

Up until now you always had to sacrifice one of those to get the others. The MAVIC give you everything you want

9. Electric Skateboard– $300

swagboard by swagtron top

The skateboard of the future is here! Swagboard NG-1 NextGen boosted electric skateboard takes the fun of a typical longboard to the next level. This futuristic motorized skateboard is built with a 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck, durable polyurethane wheels, and solid grip tape for a more comfortable and secure ride. This boosted board can hold weights of up to 176 pounds and can travel up to 11 mph!

10. NES Classic Edition– $60

Image result for nes classic edition


The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985.

Just plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games.


So there you go. The Top Gifts & Gadgets 2017.


Duct Tape Keychain

The Duct Tape Keychain will Change your day.

Keychain Duct Tape is an elegant and effective way to integrate duct tape into your Everyday Carry. It can be refilled over and over again, and its solid, one-piece construction will provide a lifetime of utility. Patent Pending. 


  • Made in USA out of solid Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Matching US Made Keyring
  • Holds 18″ of Gorilla Tape or 24″ of Gaffers Tape
  • 2.5″ x 0.625″ = about the size of tube of chapstick

Duct tape is one of the most useful things on the planet. It can be used to secure, repair, or build in ways that no other material can match.

Unfortunately, while convenient to use, duct tape is very inconvenient to carry around due to the large rolls that it comes on. And in my experience, only the tools that you carry every day will be there when you need them most. 

The desire to have the power of duct tape in a pocket friendly package was the inspiration for this project. My original version was a simple DIY keychain, but since launching Gearward, I’ve been quietly developing a classier, more durable device. Now that the patents are filed, I’m very excited to introduce Keychain Duct Tape.


Keychain Duct Tape is machined in the USA out of solid Brass or Stainless Steel, and comes with a matching, US made keyring:

The result is a very handy bit of kit that you will be proud to have in your EDC.

Having duct tape on your keys is sort of like getting your first smart phone – you don’t realize how useful it is until you’ve had one for a while. Over the last couple years of testing, I’ve had Keychain Duct Tape save the day on quite a few occasions.

Because Gorilla Tape is so strong, most repairs only require a 1″-2″ strip of tape. However, eventually the tape will run out, and the keychain will need to be refilled. Luckily, a 35 yard roll of Gorilla Tape costs $9, and will provide 70 refills.

Magnetic Lighting Charger- Apple and Android

Magnetic Lighting Charger is the world’s first Apple and Android magnetic connector that allows you to quickly and seamlessly charge both your devices with a magnetic coupling. Because Apple’s iPhone 7 has the Audio jack and the Power jack on the same connector, the team behind MagBolt made the world’s first magnetic connector to support these new features for iPhone 7. Magnetic connectors are vastly superior to mechanical connectors not only are they way more convenient to use. They are also far more resistant to dust, water and other contaminates. You can connect your phone’s cable magnetically with one hand. It entertains 2A current max throughput for the large and power-hungry devices. The Charger can also make life easier with your other micro USB devices and Apple products. The Magnetic Lightning charger is a simple idea, but we believe it can impact the world in a BIG way.

Electric Skateboard- Swagboard

The skateboard of the future is here! Swagboard NG-1 NextGen boosted electric skateboard takes the fun of a typical longboard to the next level. This futuristic motorized skateboard is built with a 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck, durable polyurethane wheels, and solid grip tape for a more comfortable and secure ride. This boosted board can hold weights of up to 176 pounds and can travel up to 11 mph!

The Swagboard motorized longboard uses a 24V Li-On Fe battery with our patented SentryShield design for extra safety. A battery indicator light on both the motor board and the wireless remote will flash when the battery needs to be recharged. Once charged, this electric board has a battery life that will last between 4 and 10 miles, so it’s perfect for short, urban commutes!

This electronic skateboard uses a wireless remote that automatically pairs with the electric longboard when it’s turned on. Use the remote to move forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake. Swagtron motor skateboard also has a cruise control feature that allows the rider to maintain their speed without touching the throttle!

Amaze your friends and propel yourself into the future with Swagboard, the next generation of powered skateboards!

  • Swagboard electric skateboard has maple wood deck and grip tape for a secure, comfortable ride.
  • Motorized skateboard uses wireless remote to accelerate, decelerate, and activate cruise control.
  • Patented SentryShield design on electric longboard protects Li-On Fe Battery.
  • Battery lasts 4-10 miles and has an indicator light on remote and longboard that flashes when low.
  • Boosted electric board reaches up to 11 mph, making it perfect for short commutes. Max weight: up to 176 pounds

If you have been looking for a boosted board but dont want to shell out the cash, this is the board for you. I think its time to make to jump and buy it today.

Iphone Flashlight- Soft Light

Your phone’s flashlight can only shine so bright. If you want to both capture and soften the light to read or create a mood, try travel amp.

Simply slip it over your smartphone’s flashlight and relax under its warm glow.

Travel amp is made of soft, durable silicone and fits most small- to mid-sized smartphones.

Flyshark Portable Keyboard

The Flyshark keyboard is an ultrathin folding keyboard that started out as a Kickstarter project. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS tablets and phones.

The wireless keyboard connects to any device via Bluetooth.

flyshark wireless folding portable keyboard

Flyshark’s aluminum alloy case makes it durable yet light. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket when folded in half.

The unique folding design is probably the best feature. Because of its design, Flyshark is one of the best portable solutions we’ve seen for people that need a full keyboard while on the road.


Map of the World Wallet

This inexpensive and stylish wallet by the British travel company Stanfords is the perfect gift for an avid traveler.

Use it as a casual wallet on the weekends, or when traveling around the globe.

It’s made from a single piece of high quality material without any stitching or glue, which is great for durability. It won’t rip, tear or break down along the seams over time.

The wallet is very thin and light but still feels durable in your hand. The material actually feels a lot like smooth paper, while somehow being very strong. We didn’t get the impression that this wallet’s materials would rip or tear whatsoever.

stanfords travel wallet map of the world

The wallet has two full sized partitions for banknotes and papers, and two front pockets for all of your cards.

The map design that’s used for this wallet is a vintage map based on the world in 1920. So the world won’t look exactly as it does today, which makes this a pretty interesting collector’s piece, or a gift that’d be appreciated by somebody interested in geography, history and travel.


Sigmo Voice Translator

Sigmo is an innovative voice translator that’s perfect for international travel. The idea started as an Indiegogo campaign. We also featured it on our list of the best travel gadgets this year

In a nutshell, Sigmo translates in real-time from 25 different languages into English (or any language you prefer). Then you can respond in English or your preferred language and Sigmo will translate it back to the other person. You can have a 2-way conversation with anyone you meet while traveling abroad.

All that it takes to get started with Sigmo is set your native language and the language that you want to translate into. Then press a button and speak. A few moments later, Sigmo will audibly pipe out your phrase or words into the language you chose- Swedish, French, Italian, whatever you want.

Here’s the complete list of supported languages, with more coming in the future:

English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Finish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Mandarin and Cantonese(Taiwan / Hong Kong), Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Czech, Turkish, African, Malay, Croatian, Thai, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukranian, Hindi.  

Sigmo is very small, making it easier to carry around than any type of phrase book or foreign language dictionary. Plus, if you’re going to multiple countries you’d need to bring multiple books most likely. Sigmo can cover an entire multi-country international trip.

It’s difficult to tell how small Sigmo is from a lot of the photos online. This picture shows exactly how tiny this device is. Each side of the square is 1.6 inches or 4 cm. It’s also very lightweight. You can attach it to pretty much any piece of clothing with a small clip that comes with the product, just like in the picture below.

Sigmo travel voice translator size comparison

Notice the tiny size. Sigmo comes with a small clip to attach to clothing too.


Aside from the core translation technology, Sigmo has some other cool technology and features too. It has a hands-free setting to eliminate the need for using the physical button. It can also sync with Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s worth noting that Sigmo’s translator works by hooking up to your phone’s Android or iOS operating system. So you would need to have your smartphone with you to use this device. Sigmo doesn’t require any type of highspeed data connection to work though, which is good.

If you want to use Sigmo silently, it comes with an 3.5mm minijack port for headphones. You could hook it up to speakers as well through this jack, although we can’t think of a lot of scenarios where you’d want to.

Overall, we think Sigmo is a product that could be very helpful for getting out of a sticky situation overseas (misunderstandings at the airport, trouble with a local hotel, etc).

But Sigmo will also help you connect with locals and share stories, ask questions, etc. You’ll learn more about the place you’re visiting and the people that live there with this travel device, resulting in a much richer travel experience.


Bucket List Map

This scratch-off world map called Bucket List Map allows you to track everywhere you’ve traveled to. Or use it to plan future trips that you’d love to go on.

The Bucket List Map isn’t just a tool for keeping track of destinations, it makes a great wall decoration too. The map is detailed but also stylish and colorful.

The Bucket List Map is printed on high quality paper with a luxe matte finish, ensuring that it looks great in any type of lighting. It measures 38 inches x 22 inches.

bucketlist scratch edition map south america

The company that came up with this idea is fittingly called ‘Awesome Maps’. Their website features some other interesting world maps too, from a map printed on canvas to a map that you can write on. Click the ‘Get It Now’ button below or the image at the top of this article to visit their website and see the full list of maps.


Travel Cocktail Kit

You will definitely impress your fellow travelers with this cocktail kit by Stephen Kenn. The kit features a high quality leather shell and canvas interior and comes with 9 empty bottles and a mixing spoon, as well as a guidebook explaining exactly how to pack the kit for different types of trips.

It also includes 15 distinct cocktail recipes created by notable bartenders employed by some of the world’s best cocktail bars. It’s a bit expensive at a list price of $275, but would make a great gift for a frequent traveler or cocktail lover.