Bluetooth Speaker Lightbulb

This 8-watt LED light bulb by a company called AWOX comes fitted with a Bluetooth speaker inside.

The creative space-saving combo allows you to play music through your tablet, smartphone or computer while the product also functions as a regular lightbulb. It’s simple to use and easy set up. Most importantly, the sound quality of the built in 10-watt Bluetooth speaker is very good.

A lightbulb and Bluetooth speaker combination might seem like an odd combo, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Every room in a home needs lighting. Depending on your home setup, you don’t have speakers in every room that you’d potentially want to play music in.

This product allows you to identify a room that you may want to play music in, and simply replace one of the existing lights with this LED setup, rather than buying an entire speaker system that costs money, takes up space, and has no other use or function when you don’t want to listen to music.


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