The Best Travel Gadgets 2017

best travel gadgets 2017


There are a lot of products out there claiming to be the best travel gadgets you can buy. It’s hard to know what’s worth buying and what’s just a gimmick, so we put this list together to highlight a few of the truly essential travel items that were released in 2016.

When you’re traveling, every extra bit of comfort and convenience you can find makes a difference. These 6 essential travel items can make your trip more relaxing and worry-free.


The 6 Best Travel Gadgets from 2017:

1. Sigmo

sigmo best travel gadgets

Sigmo is a voice translation device that’s perfect for the avid traveler. It allows real time translation of 25 different languages, both ways.

So you can speak a phrase in English (or your native language) and then press a button to have Sigmo repeat the phrase in the foreign language of your choosing so that people can understand you instantly.

Then when somebody is speaking back to you in their language, the device will capture their words and repeat it all back to you in English. All it takes is the press of 1 button.

This type of technology provides a lot of comfort while traveling. It also allows you to connect better with people from different cultures and gain more from your interactions and travels. It’s definitely one of the best travel gadgets we’ve seen this year.

2. Rolo

rolo best travel gadgets of 2015

Rolo is a carry-on travel bag that’s shaped like a tube. The small size and unique shape make it perfect for traveling light. Once you arrive at your destination it also makes a great day-pack. Don’t be fooled by the slim shape or relatively small size, Rolo has an impressive amount of room for clothing and personal items.

It gets better though, Rolo also has a hook inside so that it can hang vertically when unrolled, giving you access to multiple pockets containing all of your clothing and travel items.

The fact that a bag can fit this much in such a small space and then unroll and immediately give you access to every single item (unlike a backpack where things get buried on the bottom) is really convenient in terms of saving time.

This is definitely an essential travel item for those that like to pack light and take a minimalist approach to their travels.

3. Trakdot

trakdot luggage tracker best travel gadgets

We featured Trakdot in a previous blog post and it deserves to be mentioned again among the best travel gadgets on the market this year.

TrakDot is a small device that gives you the piece of mind of knowing exactly where your luggage is, anywhere in the world. Never worry about lost or stolen luggage again. Whether it’s a thief or an airline mistake, you’ll be able to figure out where your gear is and track it down.

4. AViiQ

AViiq essential travel items 2015

Okay, we admit there are a TON of travel chargers on the market. This is hardly a unique product type. But the way the idea was executed is what makes AViiQ an essential travel item.

This great travel gadget eliminates the need for multiple outlets and multiple cords. With access to one power outlet, you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Pretty useful in an airport or anywhere else where outlets are in short supply. Just the fact that this cuts down on the number of cables you have to carry is worth noting as well.

It doubles as a travel case that neatly stores your electronics inside too.

5. Zolt

zolt charger best travel gadgets

Zolt is similar to #4 on the list, but is much smaller. In fact it’s the world’s smallest and lightest portable charger, making it a superior choice for those that like to travel light, or with only a couple of electronic devices.

It can’t quite charge 4 devices at a time like AViiQ, but Zolt is tiny in comparison and can still charge 3 items simultaneously (1 laptop + 2 USB devices). Not a bad tradeoff.

Along with the typical gear like Laptops, Tablets, and Phones, it can also charge anything from a GoPro camera to wireless speakers so it’s really versatile.

The fact that this can charge a few devices simultaneously with 1 outlet, while being small enough to put into a pants pocket is very impressive and easily puts it on our list of essential travel items you should consider owning.

6. PowerCard

powercard best travel gadgets 2015

PowerCard is a bit different than the two charging items above. It’s a portable battery that you charge before your trip. It can then recharge your electronics even if you find yourself without access to a power outlet. PowerCard itself is rechargeable too of course.


best travel gadgets 2017

It’s designed to be very sleek and thin so it’s not a burden to carry while traveling, and it holds enough charge to bring an iPhone up to 60% battery life. (1300 mAh of battery power)

This is one of the best travel gadgets to have in an emergency when your phone is about to die.

It’s also convenient when you just don’t feel like stopping at an outlet for an extended period of time during the day. PowerCard lets you keep moving, charging your devices on-the-go. You can wait to charge via outlet until you’ve reached your destination at night.

Whatever the scenario, it’s a really useful travel item to have with you especially given the tiny amount of space it takes up.


best travel gadgets 2017


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