The 5 Best Tech Gifts for Men, 2017


We’re now in 2016 which means one thing: more cool technology, more inventions and gadgets, and a harder time choosing the best gifts for men due to the sheer number of products flooding the market. Some of the new gadgets are great, some are a total bust- either useless or just a bad knockoff of a better product that already exists.

We’re here to separate the Great from Not-So-Good. This list is going to walk you through our five favorite tech gadgets for men (or women!) on the market in 2016.

Forget flashy toys that are fun for two days and then become clutter in a drawer. Those aren’t the cool tech gifts we’re talking about. This list focuses on technology gifts and gadgets that are fun to use and USEFUL as well. We want to give you product ideas that are going to be used every day by you or by the gift recipient, a constant reminder of the thoughtfulness that went into picking it! Enjoy the list.

5 Cool Tech Gifts & Gadgets of 2017:

basis heart rate monitor fitness tracker best tech gift 2016 for men

Basis Peak Ultimate Fitness Tracker

The company that makes this, Basis, calls it the ‘only complete health tracker’. It’s the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker and it looks pretty good while doing it, which is always a bonus. Enough about looks though let’s cover the tech:

You can capture runs, walks, rides, or any other activity. You can count calories. You can count steps. Monitor your heart-rate 24/7. That’s not enough to earn the title of ‘Only Complete Health Tracker’ though, it also tracks your sleep habits.

The Basis Peak can track the duration of your sleep, sleep cycles (REM/Deep stages), restlessness, overall quality of your sleep and more.

It also functions as a smart watch! Not interested in fitness for the day? Great, you can still get notifications of calls, emails, calendar events and tons more. You won’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket over and over throughout the day, which is a huge convenience and perk to smart watches in general.

Did we mention this product looks pretty cool too? Especially the wrist band.

All of this makes it one of our favorite high-tech gadgets and gift ideas for 2016.

One word of caution, the manufacturer suggests checking for compatibility before buying. Here’s what type of phone it can connect with: iPhone 4S or newer and select Android BLE phones


SONOS compact wireless speakers best tech gift idea 2016


Sonos Play Streaming Music Speakers

You’re probably asking: ‘What’s cool about plain old living room speakers? It’s 2016 now 1996!’

Okay okay, let us explain. Not all of the best tech gifts of 2016 are brand new items or inventions. Sometimes a company will come along and improve a product that’s been around forever, and we feel Sonoas has done that.

The sound quality of these speakers is outstanding. It might not be the best gift for every person especially given the relatively high price tag (the two-speaker set has a list price of $398). But, for somebody passionate about music and sound quality, these speakers make a tremendous high-tech gift idea.

Here’s the basic concept: The set comes with two premium quality speakers for streaming music in two different rooms of the house. You can play the same song in both rooms, or two different songs. The whole system connects up via wifi and you can control everything via the free app that works with your smartphone, tablets or your computer.

You can stream music on these speakers from pretty much anywhere: your music library, internet radio, Pandora, Spotify and more. 

So if you or somebody you know is a fan of streaming music and would appreciate hearing it at the highest quality possible, these Sonos speakers are a GREAT gift idea in 2016, trust us. As long as you don’t mind the high price tag.


august smart lock deadbolt keyless system gift idea

August Smart Keyless Lock

This new high-tech product uses cutting edge technology to fortify your home and grant you secure access via your smartphone (iOS or Android).

This video explains it well:

August allows you to enter your home without pulling out a key. It doesn’t replace the old method, you can still open your door the old fashioned way if you want (as the video points out). But once you see how convenient it us, we doubt you’ll want to.

It gets better though, you can control who has access to your home, and how long that access lasts. You don’t have to be home to open the door for somebody if you know they’re coming and you want to grant them permission. Change your mind? you can take permission away at any point.

You also receive alerts when a guest arrives and when they leave after you’ve set up permission for them to enter.

The August lock system is easy to install and we love this tech invention because it improves on security AND convenience. There are a lot of products that do one or the other but it’s tough to find a great home security product that makes things easier as well as safer for you and your family.

If you’re a home owner, this is definitely one of the best new gadgets of 2016.


cashmere-line leather smart gloves tech gift idea 2016

Cashmere-Lined Leather Smartphone Gloves

J. Crew has created a stylish professional looking pair of men’s gloves that are specially treated to work with smartphone and tablet screens. Is this a new concept in 2016? No. Not at all.

But unlike most smartphone gloves on the market, you can’t tell by looking at these. These look high quality and extremely professional. These are the best looking, best feeling gloves we’ve found on the market in terms of gloves designed to work with smartphone screens.

If you’re a great dresser, or looking to buy a cool tech gift for someone else who fits that bill, this is a really thoughtful option. While it’s not an electronic device or as high-tech as most of the other gear on the list it’s still perfect for the technology fanatic that also cares about professional appearance.

You can choose between black or brown (if this is a present for someone, match the color with the typical shoes and belts he wears. If he’s a brown shoe/brown belt kind of guy, you want the brown gloves). A variety of sizes are also available.


soundbot sb510 hd water resistant

SoundBot HD Water-Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

This is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon right now in the Portable Bluetooth Speakers category. Who doesn’t love listening to music on the go? That’s where SoundBot comes in. They’ve created a durable and inexpensive water-resistant indoor/outdoor speaker with hands-free controls for everything from power on/off, to volume and song-skipping.

The device offers universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players so it’s very versatile. If you have a device with music on it, chances are SoundBot will connect just fine!

Because it connects with so many types of devices, even some pretty old/outdated models, it makes a great gift idea for anyone, even if yo’ure not sure what devices they own.

So why choose this one over the countless other waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there? We love SoundBot because it’s cheap, small, and portable, without sacrificing quality.

It’s extremely versatile- designed to be right at home on the beach, on a boat, on a hiking trip, next to the pool, or anywhere else you want to bring your music.

SoundBot features HD Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity, and you’ll be able to enjoy the music all day thanks to seamless streaming and 6 hours of playtime.

So if you or someone on your gift list is looking for a small indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker that offers convenience and portability without sacrificing the quality of the sound, this is one of the best options out there right now.


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