5 Cool Home Gadgets from 2015

We’ve done research on a variety of new products and gadgets for the home this year in order to come up with this list of the 5 best home gadgets that are new on the market.

Creating a modern home isn’t just about improving appearances with great interior design and decorbut also adding items that improve the usability and convenience of your living space and the comfort and safety for you and your family. These products all provide innovative solutions to these challenges.


5 Cool Home Gadgets from 2015:

1. Nest Thermostat

nest thermostat best home gadgets 2015








This ‘smart’ home thermostat learns your schedule and habits and programs itself accordingly. It’s pretty convenient having your heat or air conditioning drop when you’re away at work for 8 hours, and have it turn itself back on before you arrive home from work. This also helps you save a ton of energy.

Nest can be controlled via your laptop, phone, or tablet with Wifi and it automatically updates itself by connecting to your internet directly as well. So it learns your habits, saves you time, and lets you focus on other things that are far more important in life.

It also provides some pretty useful reporting and data to show you how much energy you’re saving. All of this advanced technology bundled together in a really modern looking device makes it an obvious choice atop the list of cool home gadgets on the market.

We created this separate post with more info and a YouTube video explaining how the product works.


2. Philips Hue Starter Pack

philips hue starter pack best home gadgets 2015

Philips Hue combines LED lighting with some pretty advanced technology, giving you more control over your home. The wireless LED light bulbs are controlled from the Hue smartphone app. A small wireless control station (far left in the picture above) connects everything together and lets you communicate with all of your Hue lights from anywhere.

What can the system and light bulbs do? You can adjust the brightness and tone of the light to your exact preference, and change it whenever you want. You can enable a full spectrum of color as well, at a moment’s notice.

The tech gets even cooler though… You can find an image on your phone, use the Hue app’s color picker to select a specific color from that image, and your lights will instantly match that color. You can then save your favorite settings as ‘scenes’ and recreate them over and over again.

Hue can help with home safety and security too.

Burglars often target empty houses. Going away for the weekend and don’t want anyone to know you’re gone? Setup your lights to turn on at a certain time in the evening so that it looks like you’re still around.

Even if you forget to set this up before leaving the house, you can do it all remotely via the app. The timer technology doesn’t just stop at on/off either, for example you can also use the timers to program Hue to wake you up in the morning with a gently increasing flow of light, like the sunrise.


3. Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

schlage deadbolt cool home gadgets 2015

If lightbulbs and thermostats can be improved via smart technology, why not the deadbolt lock that keeps your home safe as well? This lock has a ton of technology and features, but the most interesting is probably the touchpad for keyless entry. Whether you choose to go keyless or simply forget your house key, this is a great thing to have.

Like the two home gadgets above, this device also offers access and control from your smartphone or computer wherever you happen to be. It also has a built-in home alarm system.

Worried about safety due to the touchscreen? The special screen material is fingerprint resistant and shows no signs of wear, so visitors will never be able to detect your passcode. The device overall received the highest possible rating for a residential security system (ANSI Grade 1), and features like this are part of the reason why. It’s definitely a cool gadget to consider when designing a modern home.


4. LG Twin Wash

LG twin wash cool home gadgets 2015

Ever wish you could do two loads of laundry at the same time? This isn’t a washer and a dryer. This is a washing machine that has two compartments, both capable of running a full wash simultaneously. Save space, save time, and do more laundry the instant you need it. Awesome!

This item received a lot of attention at the 2015 CES trade show where it was introduced, and although it’s not yet available for sale it still made our list of the best home gadgets of the year due to the innovative design and the positive attention it’s been receiving lately.


5. Ring Doorbell

ring video doorbell, cool home gadgets

We wrote about this item in a previous post when it was first released. The Ring Doorbell is definitely one of the best home gadgets to come out this year, given the technology and what it can do for your peace of mind. Essentially this doorbell sends a video feed directly to your smartphone whenever somebody’s at your door. So you can answer the doorbell from your phone from anywhere and the visitor won’t have the slightest idea if you’re not home.

Even if you’re sitting right inside, the fact that this technology allows you to answer your doorbell without getting up from your seat makes it a pretty cool gadget to have around your home.

This isn’t just convenient though, it’s also great for safety. Any time you can avoid advertising that you’re away from home, your house is a lot safer. Did you know that many burglars ring the doorbell to check if you’re home before breaking in?

The Ring Doorbell can also provide security alerts when people are on your property even if they’re not at your door yet. It comes equipped with a motion sensor that works in tandem with its wide angle video camera to provide these alerts.


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