Beer Cap Maps

This do-it-yourself wall art product is a really cool interior design idea for the beer drinker or map enthusiast. Beer Cap Maps are cut from 5mm thick plywood with a unique grain pattern that ensures each map will be one of a kind. The wood is also treated and sealed to prevent any wear or damage over time from the air, liquids, etc.

The wooden map arrives fully assembled, but with empty holes that are designed to be filled in with any type of bottle cap you choose. You can get creative with colors and patterns, or just slowly fill the map with your favorite brands or beer.

Another option is to leave half of the holes empty which results in an interesting look as well, especially if you’re hanging your map from a wall with a pattern (brick, stone, etc). The image above is a good example of this.

A variety of maps are available for purchase including all 50 US States (Ohio is shown in the image) as well as countries like the US, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

Beer Cap Maps also come with two tiny holes drilled into the top section for easy hanging from any vertical surface and are designed to fit virtually any type of bottle cap.

The product is made and designed completely in the US- Wisconsin to be specific.

We love that this product is made entirely in the US, and that each map is one of a kind because of the unique cut of wood that each piece is cut from. A product centered around displaying beer caps isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, or every type of home, but this could be a very cool way to add an interesting piece of wall art to a rustic setting, bachelor pad, den, game room, etc.

As a final note, each map is approximately the same size rather than being scaled to the actual size of the state/country, so it’s not possible to order multiple US states and fit them together.


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